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Sending Bulk Text Messages from Sakari.

Whether you’re sending marketing messages, appointment reminders, job assignments or event notifications, bulk SMS can work for you.

Connect With Thousands of Contacts

The Sakari bulk text messaging service makes it easy to connect with 1 person or 100,000.  You can easily personalize each message with wildcard fields. 

Integrate With Your System

With the Sakari SMS API, you can easily connect your existing system to have text messages sent in bulk automatically.  Not a developer?  Use the Zapier integrations instead. 

Quick and Easy to Get Started

With features like file uploads, bulk editing and conversation tracking, managing your bulk messaging campaigns couldn’t be easier. 
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How Does Bulk Text Messaging Work?

Sending bulk SMS campaigns requires a subscription to a bulk SMS service provider like Sakari.  Sakari is a web-based software program that allows complete management of your messages. Once logged in to the SMS software, you can add and edit your contacts in bulk, create and save your messages as templates and send your messages. 
To send your messages, simply pick your message template, select your desired contacts and click send.  In seconds your contacts will be reading your message, wherever they are.
After your message has been sent, each of your messages is managed as a conversation in the Sakari dashboard.  As responses are received, you’ll be notified of replies by desktop notifications, and you can send replies in real-time.  
sakari dashboard

Why is Bulk Business Text Messaging Important?

Many of the worlds largest businesses are using text messages today, and for good reason: it works.  It’s 2018, and the way customers and employees want to communicate has changed.  E-mails are often marked as spam, nobody ever answers a phone call from a number they don’t recognize.  As the world has become more mobile, text messaging has emerged as the primary way people want to communicate. 
Across each metric, text messages outperform emails in every way.  SMS are opened more, opened faster, and responded to more frequently, according to recent One Reach study, text messages are opened 98% of the time, almost 5x more than email, and typically opened in less than 3 minutes.  Because of this, businesses can use bulk SMS to immediately connect with their customers and employees wherever they are. 

Tips for Sending Bulk SMS to Large Groups

There are numerous reasons why you might want to send bulk text messages to different groups in your contact list.   You may have teams separated by geographical region, or employees with different functional roles or a contact list composed of both customers and employees.  In each case, it’s helpful to be able to create personalized messages that are specific to your contact list.  
Creating messages that are personalized will save you money sending your messages and increase your message relevancy and response rate.  There are two steps to creating personalized messages: 

Add Tags or Attributes

Tags or attributes are data fields added to each contact record.  These fields are completely customizable, and examples may include a State, business role, or customer type.  Sakari makes managing these tags easy, with keyword searches and bulk editing.  With the tags applied, you can send messages to specific users based on tag filtering. 

Use Wildcard Message Fields

You can create a completely personalized message for each user by using wildcard message fields in your message templates.  Using wildcard fields in your message template will insert customer data in to each message sent, personalizing it in bulk.  
personalized messages