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Start by signing up and effortlessly setting up your account. Importing your client list is a breeze. Customize your experience by handpicking preferred channels and integrating with your existing apps.


Step Two

Craft impactful campaigns, whether it's creating compelling messages manually or leveraging Sakari AI. Segment your audience strategically for targeted communication.


Step Three

Launch your campaign, go live, and start engaging with your audience. Dive into data analysis like a pro, and witness your campaigns drive conversions and deliver astonishing ROI.



Sakari is by far the most user-friendly SMS solution we've come across at Nexford!
With its direct HubSpot integration and seamless addition into our existing workflows, we've been able to increase ROI across the entire organization and save a large amount of time for our advisory team.”

Barney Woodbridge

Head of Growth, Nexford University

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