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Text Messaging Integration

Transform the way you communicate with your contacts. With our CallRail text messaging integration, enhance all your lead and customer conversations. 

CallRail and Sakari integration

Sakari is the trusted text provider for thousands, including:

CallRail SMS Integration

Link your CallRail number to quickly deliver SMS messages to your contacts.

callrail and sakari

Derek Kadis - Director of Adoption

"[Sakari is] a really easy-to-use, out-of-the-box text message sales enablement tool."

Quick and Easy Setup

Connect your CallRail account directly with Sakari SMS in less than minutes.

Collaborative Messaging

Send and receive text messages to your CallRail contacts.

Sync Your Contacts

Sync your contacts between Sakari and CallRail so they always stay up-to-date.

Multi-Media Messaging

Easily send MMS to your contacts in the US and Canada.

Setting Up the CallRail SMS Integration


Create Account

Start by creating your free trial account with Sakari– you’ll receive $5 (USD) of messaging credits.

Connect to CallRail

No coding needed! Connect CallRail inside of Sakari using these easy integration steps.


Begin Messaging

You’re done! You can now have two-way text messaging conversations using your CallRail phone numbers directly from Sakari.

Go Mobile

Have full visibility into your business team messaging with the Sakari mobile app.  View contacts, received and sent messages, and have two-way conversations on the go. 

Richard C

Richard C. - Digital Marketing Strategist

"The product works as described, the integrations are great, the iPhone app to reply to messages has been useful. Integration is easy. The support team are quick to respond. Overall great experience."

Mobile Messaging with Sakari

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