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SMS automation makes business communications easier and more reliable. Customers will appreciate your prompt attention, while sales and marketing teams will love the workflows and templates that create and convert more leads.

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What is Text Message Automation?

Text message automation (also known as SMS automation) is the practice of sending text messages systematically when certain triggers are met, including time, user actions, or a combination of both. Text message software can scale your marketing automation, making it easy to send bulk text messages on a particular date and time or build SMS drip campaigns that complement emails.

There are a number of text message automation examples that are simple to start and effective enough to drive ROI immediately. The benefits vary with the implementation, but the basics are universal:

  • Engage with your audience at scale
  • Create customer relationships without manual action
  • Interact with your users in a manner convenient to them
  • Make two-way communication simple for both parties

Ways to Use Automated Text Messaging


SMS Drip Campaign

Text messaging is too often ignored when marketing and sales teams are putting together their drip campaigns. As best we can tell, the thinking is that people expect business to be conducted in their email inbox or it’s just the way they’ve always done it.

Neither is a compelling argument for skipping out on the 98% business SMS read rate.

Furthermore, you can layer them on top of each other to ensure your most critical messages are seen no matter the medium.


Scheduled Bulk Text Messages

Good things happen when you combine the high read rate of SMS (98%) with the automated reach of your marketing lists. You can send the same message out to thousands of customers, providing a combination of attention and targeting that no other channel can offer.

The best part? If you’re the planning type, you can schedule the entire year of mass text messages to line up with every sale. Your biggest fans will never miss a chance to save, making them happier and more engaged customers.

Pro tip: Start segmenting those lists once it’s practical. Then you can get even more targeted with your bulk text messages by sending the same SMS to a group of people who have shown interest in that specific product or service.


Scheduled Text Messages Set to Personalized Timers

Every marketing and sales checklist includes personalization. That targeted greeting can be the extra attention-grabbing detail that helps you get your message seen.

That same logic holds true with the personalized timing of messages.

Birthdays, membership anniversaries, and other landmark dates are all great occasions to say hi and thanks with scheduled text messages. They’re even better opportunities to build brand loyalty with a discount or special offer.


Keyword-Based SMS Autoresponders

Building up contact lists pays long-term dividends but can take quite awhile to get started. Particularly if you’re asking for them to add their phone number via a form. It’s just one more obstacle.

You know what’s easy? Sending a one-word text.

Running a promotion that asks users to text a keyword for a discount is an easy way to collect phone numbers and open a new channel with customers.

Plus, QR codes make it easy to pass your number to your intended audience. In fact, you can combine your SMS QR code with a direct-email campaign to marry the best of old and new technologies that are priced to scale.


Always-On Customer Service

When your customer reaches out with a problem, they’re looking for an answer now.

Your problem? You have other things to do, whether professional or personal.

That’s why SMS autoresponders are the perfect scalable answer to your customers’ ever-growing list of questions.

These automated text messages can be set up to answer basic questions and help push users toward a pre-written self-help solution.

Plus, if the problem persists and requires human attention, you can collect the necessary details ahead of time. This will allow you to contact the customer with potential solutions, making for a better customer experience.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens during the free trial?

You have 14 days to use $5 USD in messaging credits. This includes all Sakari features and tools. Once you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll do so directly in the Sakari dashboard.

How do I set up autoresponders?

The Sakari team can set up autoresponders for you, just contact us. This is beneficial if your business uses a specific keyword for contacts to text.

Can I send auto-replies from SMS workflows?

You can send an automated text message based on specific actions your contact takes. SMS workflows can currently only be created using the HubSpot and ActiveCampaign integrations.

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