Simple pricing plans for any team

No commitment, no setup fees, no surprises.

Additional Add-ons

Add On

Phone Numbers

Including more than
20+ countries

Starting at:

$4.00 USD

per month

Add On

Phone Number Lookup

Automatically identify
landline numbers

Priced at:

$0.01 USD

per lookup

Add On

Call Forwarding

Forward phone calls to
a number of your choice

Starting at:

$0.008 USD

per minute

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“SMS is truly the simplest way to get participation from a busy client type. Sakari has allowed us a highly scalable, engaging, and powerful way to connect with customers, store structured data, and bring transparency across teams. We've never been closer to our clients!”

Paul Wurth

Head of Sales, RenoRun Inc.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do the pricing plans work?

We offer monthly subscriptions which start at $16 USD per month and include one free dedicated US, Canada, United Kingdom or France phone number (other countries are available for an additional charge).

Each plan has an associated message segment per country, which can be found here. These plans are all month-to-month with no contract and you can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Any unused credits in a month will roll over for a period of 90 days.

All messaging plans can be shared across your entire team, with unlimited users and contacts. Each plan is on a month-to-month term, with no contract, no per user fees, no setup fees and any unused credit will roll over for a period of 90 days.

At any point additional top-up credits can be purchased to supplement your credit - paying the same per message segment rate of your current plan.

Can I send messages for free?

We offer a free trial plan with 100 messaging credits for you to try out. After the credits are used up, you can upgrade to one of our pricing plans

How much do messages cost?

Your cost per text message is based on three criteria:

  • Your Sakari messaging plan
  • The length of your message, which is measured in segments
  • The destination country of the recipient

Learn more about how messages are priced.

What if I don't use all my message credits?

Any unused credits from previous months will rollover for 90 days.

Do I pay for inbound messages?

Yes. Our plans charge for sent and received messages.

What is a message segment?

Text messages are measured in character batches called segments.  You are billed for each segment sent and received.  Segments are typically 160 characters in length, check out our SMS length calculator.

Can you send image (MMS) text messages?

Yes. We support two-way MMS (image) messaging in the United States and Canada.

MMS messages are priced at a $0.02 USD premium to whatever plan rate your account is on. For example, if you're in the Starter plan with a rate of $0.032 USD per segment in the United States, an image message would be $0.052 USD.

In addition to sending the image, MMS have the advantage of increasing your available character count limit to 1,600 characters (compared to 160 typically for SMS). Accordingly, you can send longer text messages without incurring multiple segments.

Can I use my existing phone number?

Sakari does not support messaging from your current mobile number. However, you can select a dedicated number from our phone number options— these include local numbers, toll-free, landline, or VoIP.

Does Sakari integrate with other applications?

Yes. Sakari integrates with over 1,000 of your favorite applications.  Check out out integrations page here: Sakari Integrations

Do I need to download any software or mobile app?

No, our desktop application is web-based and doesn’t require anything to be downloaded.  If you choose to install the mobile app (it’s not required), you can download it from the Apple or Android app stores.

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