Sakari vs. Salesmsg HubSpot Text Messaging Comparison

HubSpot text messaging comparison of pricing and features between Sakari SMS and Salesmsg.




Sakari SMS vs. Salesmsg Comparison

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SMS Pricing (USD)


($30/Month plan)


($35/Month plan)
Additional Phone Numbers $4/Month $10/Month
Roll Over Credits Any unused messaging credits roll over for a period of 90 days
Free Trial 14 days 14 days
International Messaging 200+ countries supported USA and Canada only
Phone Numbers
Call Forwarding Forward inbound calls automatically to a number of your choice
Dedicated Contact Owner Numbers Add dedicated phone numbers for each contact owner $4/Month $10/Month
Mobile Validation Automatically validate phone numbers as mobile.
Phone Number Configuration Use the HubSpot Phone Number or Mobile Phone Number as the mapped field
Contact Record
Two-Way MessagingHave two-way SMS conversations on any HubSpot contact record.
Timeline Tracking All sent and received text messages are added to the contacts timeline.
Contact Auto-Creation Automatically create new contacts when a text message is received.
Contact Owner Only Messaging Only allow contact owners to text message with contacts.
Automation & Workflows
Contact-Based Workflow Messaging Add text messaging to contact-based workflows.
Deal-Based Workflow Messaging Add text messaging to deal-based workflows.
Web Hooks Add text messaging to deal-based workflows.
Transactional/Marketing Messsaging Toggle between transactional and marketing messaging types in workflows.
Rich Text Messaging Send linked hosted web pages in auto HubSpot workflow.

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