Pipedrive Text Messaging Integration

Sales and marketing made easy with SMS messaging. Send and receive thousands of messages directly from your Pipedrive account in real-time.

Pipedrive Text Messaging Integration

Sales and marketing made easy with SMS messaging. Send and receive thousands of messages directly from your Pipedrive account in real-time.


Sakari is the trusted text provider for thousands, including:

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Supercharge Your Sales with Pipedrive and Sakari Integration

Seamlessly connect Sakari messaging with Pipedrive to enhance mobility, visibility, and continuity in your sales communications.


Efficient Lead Nurturing

Accelerate the sales process by engaging leads directly through SMS from Pipedrive. This integration allows sales teams to nurture leads efficiently, ensuring timely follow-ups and enhanced lead conversion rates.


Centralized Communication History

Keep all your sales communications in one place. With every SMS sent or received via Sakari automatically synced to Pipedrive, your team can access a centralized history of interactions, simplifying the tracking and management of each sales conversation.

Why Pipedrive + Sakari SMS?

Have two-way SMS conversations with customers and prospects directly in Pipedrive.

  • Two-Way Messaging

    Send and receive SMS and MMS with your contacts in the Pipedrive interface.
  • Real-Time Data

    Track and view all contact conversations and messaging history in real-time.
  • International SMS Support

    Send and receive text messages in over 200 countries globally.
  • Easy Setup

    Link your Pipedrive account with Sakari in just minutes- no coding required.


Our inbound lead-to-sales opportunity conversation rate has improved by 174%... Our sales representatives use it for initial customer outreach, updates, and general communication. We also use it with HubSpot, which allows us to automate lead nurturing, reminds, and promotions.

Kaemon Maggard

Lead Application Analyst, Appsketiers


How the Pipedrive SMS Integration Works

Uncover centralized communication with Pipedrive text messaging using Sakari.


Built for Sales and Marketing Teams

What if you could communicate with your contacts faster and more efficiently? Discover a different kind of business outreach with Pipedrive text messaging.

  • SMS Templates
  • Multimedia text messaging (US and CA only)
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • Conversation history
  • Personalization tokens

Conversation Tracking

Give your sales teams real-time insights with text conversations that are automatically logged into the contact’s timeline. This ensures a complete picture of the lead’s journey so that you can continue your conversation right where you left off.


Pipedrive Mobile Messaging

Anywhere at anytime. Manage your teams messaging on the go with the Sakari mobile app. Save time, view all sent messages, respond to inbound text messages, and track your teams messaging history over time.

Boost Engagement with Pipedrive Texting

Explore our easy-to-use SMS tools created by our Sakari experts.


MMS Messaging

Send and receive pictures, emojis, GIFs, and more.


SMS Templates

No need to retype the same SMS—just use a template.


Mass Texting

Quickly send SMS to your contacts in bulk.


Unlimited Contacts

Upload hundreds to thousands of contacts.


Custom Attributes

Personalize your messages with name, birthday, etc.


URL Shortener

Save on your word count with our custom link shortener.


Frequently Asked Questions

How hard is it to set up the Pipedrive integration?

It's simple. You'll just need to have a Pipedrive and Sakari account set up. Next, you’ll link your Sakari account to Pipedrive. The full integration setup takes less than 60 seconds and doesn’t require any coding.

What's included in the free trial?

We offer a 14-day free trial plan with $5 USD of messaging credits. You can try out all the tools and features—no credit card is required to get started.

What does it cost to send a message?

We have monthly subscription plans that start at $16 USD. Please see our pricing page for more information on our plans. 


Can you send image (MMS) text messages?

Yes. We support two-way MMS (image) messaging in the United States and Canada. 

MMS messages are priced at a $0.02 USD premium to whatever plan rate your account is on. For example, if you're in the Starter plan with a rate of $0.032 USD per segment in the United States, an image message would be $0.052 USD.

In addition to sending the image, MMS have the advantage of increasing your available character count limit to 1,600 characters (compared to 160 typically for SMS). Accordingly, you can send longer text messages without incurring multiple segments.

Can I change my plan later?

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Can I create Pipedrive SMS templates?

Yes. Here's how to create Pipedrive SMS Templates.

Can I send from my existing phone number?

The phone number options that your messages are sent from vary based on each country.

In the United States and Canada the primary phone number options are:

  • Sakari Provided New Numbers - Sakari-provided local or toll-free phone numbers. Inbound calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice.
  • Your Existing Numbers - Sakari can send from most VOIP and landline numbers by text-enabling your existing landline or VOIP phone number.
  • Dedicated Short Codes - Sending from a dedicated short code. Please contact us at help@sakari.io for more information.

In most other markets the typical options are:

  • New Local Mobile Numbers - Sakari-provided country-specific local phone numbers. Typically inbound calls can be forwarded to a number of your choice.
  • Dedicated Alphanumeric Sender IDs - Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to set your company name or brand as the Sender ID and send one-way SMS messages. Learn more about Alphanumeric Sender ID Requirements.

Try Sakari for free!

100% Free trial. No credit card required.

Try Sakari for free!

100% Free trial. No credit card required.