Unlimited Contacts

Unlimited Contacts

Send texts to however many contacts you want— no limitations. 

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Upload Your Contacts in Bulk

Have hundreds or thousands of contacts? No worries—you can upload and message however many contacts you want! Before you start sending SMS messages, easily upload a .csv file to import your contacts in bulk.

You can even upload company names, emails, and other important fields to help you customize your text messages using personalization attributes.

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Contact Messaging Options

Whether you want to send a message to one contact manually or pre-schedule a texting campaign to a specific list of multiple contacts, we have you covered. 

With Sakari’s messaging options, you can set up:

sync data

Connect Your Contacts

Sync your contacts from Sakari with one of our integrations. 

Connect HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Google, Aircall and over 1,500 other apps to help you get the most out of Sakari.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! You can tag your contacts manually or in bulk, either prior to uploading or after uploading. Learn more about contact tags.

When uploading contacts, you must provide a country code and mobile number for each contact. Personal attributes like last name, email, company, etc., are optional.

No. You can upload as many contacts as you’d like. Our pricing plans depend on how many message segments you send and receive.

If you use Sakari to integrate with another CRM, your uploaded contacts will sync over. Any edits made to a contact will also occur in your other system.

When you sign up, you’ll receive $5 (USD) in messaging credits to use—no credit card is required. If you’re ready to switch to a paid plan, just upgrade directly in the dashboard.

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