11 Powerful Sakari SMS Features That Can Transform Your Your Business Messaging

From automation to advanced analytics, discover the top 11 powerful features of Sakari SMS software that can revolutionize your business texting.

Every product on the market has its own unique features that add pizazz and stronger functionality for its users. The Sakari team works around the clock to create and build robust tools that can reshape the way your business sends and receives text messages.

We’ve generated a special roundup of our 11 favorite Sakari SMS features that can transform your messaging ecosystem. When leveraged with other multi-channel marketing strategies, these texting add-ons are proven to produce team cohesiveness, business ROI, and successful communication like you’ve never seen before.

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1. Text Message Scheduling

Ahh, the lingering task on your to-do list— you’re required to schedule a specific text message for hundreds of contacts in a few weeks. What if you could set it up earlier to be at peace with yourself and cross it off your list? With Sakari, you can pre-schedule SMS messages to your contact lists for certain dates and times.

How It Works: In the Sakari dashboard, you can create scheduled campaigns. Simply select the date, time, and frequency of your message, create the messaging details, select a contact list, and save it!


2. Phone Number Groups

Distinguish your business teams with our authentic phone number groups, a feature that empowers smooth account management and conversation privacy. Assign phone numbers to specific members of your account or your business teams like sales, marketing, etc.

How It Works: Once you have a Sakari account, there’s an option to create a new group. Simply add one or more phone numbers to your group and then assign the users that have access to that specific phone number group.


3. Automated SMS Workflows

Automation is a concept very near and dear to business professionals—especially marketers. Easily build a workflow that automatically sends customized text messages to your contacts based on specific criteria, such as filling out a form, setting up an appointment, etc.

How It Works: For automated SMS campaigns, you must integrate Sakari with HubSpot or ActiveCampaign. Once integrated, you can set up triggers and actions inside those workflows that will automatically send SMS messages to your contacts.

11 Powerful Sakari SMS Features That Can Transform Your Your Business Messaging

4. Landline Texting

Often times, businesses want to keep their contact information the same and not use multiple phone numbers to communicate with their leads and customers. That’s why Sakari offers landline text messaging, which allows you to consistently use your existing number to send both SMS and MMS. And yes—you can even receive messages!

How It Works: Our support team can easily set this up for you when you submit a ticket in the Sakari hub! We also offer dedicated long code numbers, VoIP, or toll-free numbers. 

5. MMS Messaging

Multimedia messages, or MMS, can provide more details to your contacts. With our MMS messaging feature, users can send and receive MMS in both the Sakari desktop or mobile application.

How It Works: Create a message in the Sakari dashboard, click on the attachment image, and select the image you want to send. If you’re using the mobile app, you can select existing photos from your mobile library or take a picture on the spot—it’s truly that easy!


6. Sender ID Response

If you’re outside the US or Canada, you most likely use an alphanumeric Sender ID to send text messages. Up until now, there was no way for a contact to respond to your messages. With Sakari’s newest Sender ID response (or universal reply), once you send a text message via Sender ID, a link will populate that your contact can tap to open and reply.

How It Works: Inside the Sakari dashboard, there’s a Universal Reply option—toggle the option on and anytime you send a message with your alphanumeric Sender ID, a link will automatically be added to the end of your messages.

11 Powerful Sakari SMS Features That Can Transform Your Your Business Messaging

7. Autoresponders

With Sakari’s SMS autoresponders, set up automatic text replies when someone takes a specific action or texts your business first.

How It Works: Our team will set these up for your account upon request. Just submit a support ticket and we’ll get your autoresponders up and running!

11 Powerful Sakari SMS Features That Can Transform Your Your Business Messaging

8. SMS Templates

This unique time-saver allows you to create as many reusable SMS templates as you want. You can build the templates directly in Sakari, the mobile application, and even in HubSpot! They only take a few minutes to create and allow you to send a specific text message in just a couple of clicks.

How It Works: View our step-by-step guide here.

11 Powerful Sakari SMS Features That Can Transform Your Your Business Messaging

9. Email to SMS

Turn your email messages into text messages! Adding more convenience to your day, you can type up an email in your inbox and send it directly as an SMS message.

How It Works: Set up email response notifications so when you receive a message from a contact, you can reply via email and it will send as an SMS. 

10. Personalized Messages

Customize your text messages with personalization attributes such as contact first name, company, appointment date, etc.

How It Works: In Sakari, when you go to send a message, you’ll see personalization tags that you can select which will auto-populate in your text message. You can also add these tags in your CRM if you have Sakari properly integrated.


11. Opt-out Download

Want to analyze your messaging metrics and see how many contacts opted-out of your texts? In one click, you can download a full report of everyone who unsubscribed from your SMS messages.

11 Powerful Sakari SMS Features That Can Transform Your Your Business Messaging

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We listen to your feedback and deliver on those suggestions with new releases and features each month.

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