Phone Number Groups

Phone Number Groups

Associate phone numbers to specific team members and account users.


Conversation Views

If you want to separate SMS conversations from Salesperson A and Salesperson B, you’ve come to the right place.

With Sakari’s phone number groups, you can associate phone numbers to specific members of your account. This allows users to only view conversations for groups they are a part of.

Sakari phone groups example


User Groups

In just a few clicks, you can have multiple phone number groups distinguished across the board. Phone number groups allow you to give phone number access to only those users you specify.


Phone Number Tags

With the HubSpot integration, you can use phone number tags to help you identify and select messaging groups inside of HubSpot.

Whether you’re trying to differentiate leads from customers or manage support separately from sales, these phone number tags can help you identify specific groups immediately.

Phone number user tags in Sakari
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Frequently Asked Questions

During the free trial, you'll receive a number from one of Sakari's pools of phone numbers. After that, you can choose to setup a dedicated number. You have options including local, toll-free, landline, and VoIP.

Yes, Sakari has four different user roles: Admin, Campaign Manager, Sender, and Read Only.

Yes, you can have multiple dedicated numbers. With each paid plan, you receive one free dedicated number and any additional numbers start at $4/month.

You can create as many phone number groups as you need. Sakari's pricing plans allow unlimited users.

Once you sign up (no credit card required!), you’ll receive $5 USD in your account to use as messaging credits within 14 days. Once you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll do so directly in the Sakari dashboard.

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