Features of the Sakari messaging service.
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Text Messaging Features

Two-Way Conversations

Have two-way conversations by responding to inbound messages creating a real-time two-way chat using our SMS chat.

Import Contacts & Data

Add thousands of rows of data in seconds. Use a CSV file to import contacts and data and messages in seconds from a CSV file.

Custom Fields

Add unlimited custom contact attributes to any contacts record. Use the attributes to group contacts or incorporate into your messaging.

Personalized Messages

Send personalized messages using wildcard data fields to automatically insert your contacts information into each message.
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Rich Text Messaging

Create personalized web pages with rich text messaging links in your SMS. Each page is personalized to the contact and can include text, images, and call to actions.

Direct Messaging

Start a text message conversation with a single person using direct messaging.

Group Messaging

Send group messages using contact tags or attributes and send personalized messages to thousands of contacts in seconds.

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Zapier Integration

Connect Sakari messaging to thousands of software programs without any code using Zapier integration
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Opt-In / Opt-Out

Full support of subscriber text messaging opt-out and opt-in features. Your contacts can send “STOP” to unsubscribe from your messages at any time.
long text messages

Long Text Messages

Support of messages longer than 160 characters. Long text messages are automatically combined into a single message.
long text messages

Contact Grouping

Add customized tags to contacts to create groups and create messaging campaigns using group filters.
account management

Account Management

Complete account management. View your account balance, manage users and change plans.

Scheduled Messages

Create scheduled text messaging campaigns to be delivered on a reoccurring basis or a single future date and time.


Automate your messaging with SMS campaigns.  Create contact filtering rules, save your message template and schedule your messages to be sent on a reoccurring basis.

SMS API Gateway

Integrate with your existing systems quickly and easily with our SMS API gateway.

Unlimited Contacts

Add unlimited contacts.  Group contacts with tags and add unlimited custom attributes to each contact.

Contact Management

Easily manage your subscribers with our contact management system.  Add, edit and delete contacts in bulk. 


Create and manage SMS message and rich text message HTML templates for use across multiple messaging campaigns.
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All Sakari sites and services are secured with the latest in SSL / HTTPS encryption. Your contacts, messages, and accounts are fully backed up continuously.
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Global SMS Support

Connect with your contacts with global SMS support. With access to thousands of carrier networks and support of over 150+ countries.
user sub accounts

Multiple User Access

Grant multiple users access across your team. Each team member can have individual permissions to specific roles in the software.
business sub accounts

Business Sub Accounts

Create multiple business sub accounts to easily organize your team and contacts.
SMS app

iOS and Android App

Use the Sakari iOS and Android mobile text messaging app to seamlessly send and receive SMS online on both your desktop and mobile devices.


Receive instant notification of message replies with real-time web callbacks (Web-hooks).