SMS Features

Innovative messaging tools to transform the way you communicate.

2-Way SMS

Have full two-way SMS conversations! Sakari allows you to send and receive messages in our dashboard or your CRM.

Unlimited Contacts

Whether you're texting hundreds or thousands of contacts, we have you covered. Import them in bulk directly inside Sakari.

Texting Campaigns

Want to pre-schedule a message or send the same text multiple times? Create SMS campaigns based on certain rules you specify.


With our seamless API, connect with your existing tools and systems to take advantage of our text messaging capabilities.

Landline Text Messaging

Maintain your brand and contact info with landline text messaging. Send and receive SMS with your existing landline number.

Response Notifications

Get notified when a contact replies to you via Sakari app, email, Slack, or even within your integrated platform.

MMS Messaging

Add flare to your texts with multimedia messaging. Send images in Sakari, integration workflows, or with our universal MMS template.

Email to SMS

At your desktop with no phone access? Quickly type up a message in your email and send it as an SMS message directly to your contact.

Phone Number Groups

Set up one to many phone number groups these groups allow you to associate a phone number to specific users in your account.

Sakari Mobile Application

On the go? Use our Sakari mobile app (made for both iPhone and Android!) to send SMS and MMS via mobile phone.


Save time with automatic text message responses. This ensures constant communication without any manual work.

Sender ID Response

If you're messaging someone internationally, use our universal reply feature that allows contacts to reply to a Sender ID.

SMS Integrations

Integrate Sakari with your top business tools— each with its own unique SMS features.

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