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Business Text Messaging Features

Some of the best features of Sakari’s messaging platform.

contact grouping

Contact Grouping

Using our bulk mass messaging platform, you can send personalized text messages to thousands of contacts in seconds.

conversation tracking

Conversation Tracking

Engage with your contacts. Our conversation tracking makes managing individual questions easy with automatic conversation tracking and desktop notifications.
bulk message upload

Bulk Tools

Manage your business quickly with bulk tools. Quickly create and edit contacts and send messages using a bulk file upload.

custom attributes

Custom Attributes

Add your personalized contact attributes to any contact attribute you want in bulk. Use the attributes to create messaging rules or incorporate in to the message.
customized messages

Customized Messages

Make your messages personal – in bulk. Send messages using wildcard fields from your contact data and uploaded files.
scheduled messages

Scheduled Messages

Set it and forget it. Our built-in calendar makes it easy to schedule a message to be sent at a specific date and time.
sms messaging campaigns

Create Campaigns

Want to send out the same message repeatedly? Not a problem! Create message campaigns that will update and run automatically based on a set of rules.
message link shrinking

Automatic Link Shrinking

160 characters isn’t much space – we get it. To save every possible character for you, website links in your messages are automatically shortened.
bulk SMS api


Use our bulk SMS messaging API to connect with your existing tools and systems.

unlimited contacts

Unlimited Contacts

We don’t believe in limits, so start connecting. There are no limits on your contact lists, forever.
contact management

Contact Management

Managing your contact list is important and we make it easy. Create, update and delete contacts in bulk, add unlimited custom attributes and add any custom contact tags you want.
custom webpages

Send Custom Webpages

Add custom webpage links to any message. Use our default templates or customize your own. This is perfect for sending additional information with your text message.
save message templates

Save Templates

We know you’ll probably have messages you want to reuse. We make it easy, use our default templates or create and save your own message and webpage templates.
group messaging

Group Messaging

Need to send messages to a large group? Not a problem! Send a standard or personalized mass message to thousands of contacts based on rules in just seconds.
direct messaging

Direct Messaging

Want to send a single message? Not a problem! Send a text message, appointment reminder or website link to just a single contact.

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