Treehouse grows sales by 400% with Sakari SMS HubSpot integration


Treehouse is an American company specializing in EV charger installation with software-enabled electrical services. Their mission is to simplify electrification through software-enabled Installation-as-a-Service, enabling people to live more sustainable lives.

Sakari spoke with David Francis, Chief Product Officer, and Catherine Langford, Sales Op Lead, about how integrating text messages in their automated HubSpot workflows increased engagement, transparency and improved the whole sales process.


EV Charging


Sakari + Hubspot


Located in San Francisco, Treehouse is a software-enabled electrical services company specializing in EV charger installation.


  • Lack of an SMS solution
  • No automation


  • Automated workflows with SMS in HubSpot
  • Improved engagement
  • Increased sales

The Challenge

Treehouse didn’t have a way to communicate with prospective clients quickly and efficiently, and they were looking for a way to do that. They also wanted to diversify their channels in automated campaigns based on triggers, such as email opens or specific message replies, to be able to deliver a more personalized and meaningful communication experience.

The Solution

Treehouse’s Customer Success Manager at HubSpot recommended the native integration with Sakari as it automates text messages in HubSpot workflows. The integration and embedded SMS straight into workflows have been the most valuable Sakari features that they’ve found. Having visibility into the chat history with customers is also useful for them, increasing their transparency within the team.

Using Sakari, HubSpot, and Aircall together Treehouse built a full omni-channel messaging process. This creates a seamless experience for users as their interactions are unified across channels, improving their satisfaction.

Catherine Langford, Sales Op Lead added that the Aircall compatibility has been very valuable for them. She also said “[Sakari] is easy to set up and use”.

“It's a wonderful solution for customers in the HubSpot ecosystem, with great native integrations into deals and workflows.”

David Francis

Chief Product Officer, Treehouse

The Benefits

Text messages have become the primary way Treehouse now engages with customers today, followed by email and phone.

“More than 95% of our sales are now closed virtually without requiring an onsite visit.” – David Francis, Chief Product Officer

Sakari has been a productivity multiplier for the Treehouse team, enabling them to grow the sales footprint by 400% while sales staff has only by 50%. Using SMS messaging has improved the sales process making it more streamlined and efficient, and it’s made engagement with leads easier.


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