SMS Autoresponders

SMS Autoresponders

Auto respond to texts using your dedicated Sakari phone number.

Instant response

Automatic Text Message Replies

Similar to automated emails or website chatbots, auto response texts are a powerful tool to utilize in your text messaging campaigns. Autoresponders are instant SMS messages that get sent to your contact once they complete a specific action. 

Benefits of SMS autoresponders:

Examples of Autoresponders

Keep your contacts engaged with automatic text message replies.

Have a new customer or member? Welcome them to your business family with a nice greeting message.

Send a reservation or appointment confirmation text with helpful information (time, date, place, etc.) 

A lead attended your demo or finished their 14-day trial… Automatically reach out for a follow-up meeting via SMS.

Someone just subscribed to your newsletter list via website form— send a message confirming their submission.

Someone leaves you a sweet review or bought your product. Leave them an automatic thank you message.

 Hosting a fun business sweepstakes? Send an autoresponse when someone texts your keyword.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll get $5 USD in your account to use as messaging credits. If you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you can do so right inside Sakari.

You can send an automated text message based on a specific action your contact takes—SMS workflows can currently only be created using the HubSpot and ActiveCampaign integration.

The Sakari team can set up autoresponders for you. This is beneficial if your business uses a specific keyword for contacts to text.

Easily send an autoreply directly from HubSpot when a trigger keyword is sent to your phone number.

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