MMS Messaging

MMS Messaging

Send a picture message with Sakari’s multimedia message software.

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What is MMS Messaging?

An MMS, or multimedia message, is a text message that contains any type of rich media, such as images, animated GIFs, audio clips, and videos. Along with SMS, using an MMS marketing software can help you promote your products or services with visually appealing content.

MMS Marketing

Create MMS campaigns that provide stronger, eye-catching information to your customers. Add imagery that details your products, services, and updates.

Show, Don't Tell!

Pictures tell a unique story. Instead of just sending out the same old SMS messages, spice things up with MMS content to engage contacts.

Brand Awareness

Share images on upcoming promos, deals, holiday campaigns, new products, and so much more! MMS texting helps build your brand.

Pricing Plans for Your Business Size.

We have flexible pricing plans— No contracts or subscriptions.

How To Guide

How MMS Marketing Works with Sakari

Tell a better business story by adding MMS messaging to your marketing campaigns.

Text images

SMS Picture Messaging

An MMS service like Sakari allows you to add picture messaging to your SMS marketing strategy. Send your contacts visually detailed information or fun messages for promotions, holidays, birthdays, and more.

With Sakari, you can send and receive: 

Sakari MMS messaging example
Send pictures in Sakari mobile app

Mobile app

MMS Texting for Sakari Mobile

Take an image from your phone or attach an existing one from your photo library directly to a text message in Sakari’s enriching mobile application. 

In just a few clicks, you can have a business MMS message ready to go to your contacts.


Universal MMS Messaging

If your country or provider doesn’t support multimedia messaging, you’ve come to the right place.

Using Sakari’s Universal MMS feature, you can send a picture message to other countries using a clickable link.

Sakari universal MMS link
Sakari Integration Options


Connect With Your Favorite Apps

Sync your contacts from Sakari with one of our integrations. 

Connect HubSpot, Pipedrive, Intercom, Google, Aircall and over 1,500 other apps to help you take advantage of all of Sakari’s capabilities.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Sakari is by far the most user friendly SMS solution we've come across! If you're looking for a direct integration for SMS with your existing CRM system, look no further than Sakari!"
Barney Woodbridge
Head of Growth,
Nexford University
"Sakari has proved invaluable to my department and has truly contributed directly to the bottom line of our Firm, even in the middle of COVID-19. It's worth every penny we spend to send texts— literally!"
Ashley Stryker
Ashley Stryker
Media Director,
James Crawford Law
"Sakari has allowed us a highly scalable, engaging, and powerful way to connect with clients, store structured data, and bring transparency across teams. We've never been closer to our clients."
Paul Wurth
Paul Wurth
Head of Sales,
RenoRun, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

In some instances, (like from your mobile phone), you can directly add an emoji . Otherwise, simply copy and paste an emoji from Google— if you have a Mac, you can even use the keyboard shortcut, which is Cmd-Ctrl-Space.

Yes, you can attach an image directly to your Sakari campaign. This only applies to US and Canada, unless you are using the Universal MMS feature.

When in Sakari, go to “Send a Message”. When the window opens, you’ll see a paperclip icon that will allow you to attach an image.

Yes, but the image cannot be larger than 400-500 KB and must be in a .jpg, .png, or GIF format.

Yes, you can!

This means you have previously opted out of the ability to have Sakari access your camera or media library. You must change your phone settings to continue.

Once you sign up (no credit card required!), you’ll receive $5 USD in your account to use as messaging credits within 14 days. Once you’re ready to upgrade to a paid plan, you’ll do so directly in the Sakari dashboard.

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