ActiveCampaign Text Messaging Integration

Trigger automated text messages from ActiveCampaign automations.

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ActiveCampaign SMS Integration

Add text messaging to ActiveCampaign automations.

active campaign sms automation

SMS Automation

Connect Sakari SMS with ActiveCampaign and easily trigger text messages from automations.

ActiveCampaign Partner

Sakari is an ActiveCampaign SMS partner.

International SMS Support

Send and receive messages with over 200 countries globally.

Easy Setup

Link your ActiveCampaign account directly with Sakari in minutes.

active campaign sms automation


SMS Automation

The Sakari ActiveCampaign integration adds a new “Send SMS” automation action to your workflows.

Trigger an automatic text message when a form is complete, deal state update, order created, and more! 


Text Message Personalization

Configure and personalize each message with:
  • Token phone numbers
  • Messages templates with contact tokens
  • Marketing or transactional message types
  • Image text messaging (US and CA only)
  • Dedicated phone numbers for each contact owner

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