Rich Text Messaging

Include personalized HTML webpages in each message.

A rich text website message is a temporary website page our system creates that is linked to your text message. Given the character restriction in a text message, rich messages are a great way to add additional information to your message. When you create your Rich Message Template, our system will automatically insert your contact information into each message.

To get started with your own rich message, go to Templates > Web and click the plus sign in the bottom right. This will open the template creation popup window. To help you get started, we’ve also created four sample rich text messages that are available in your account when you sign up.

Rich messages are generated automatically by Sakari, and have a number of features:

rich text message

Rich Text Messaging Features

  • 100% Customizable – Each message is an actual website page, allowing for complete customization to your brand.
  • Response Buttons – Include response buttons in your message to make your customer responses easy.
  • Navigation – Add maps and navigation to your office, job site or anywhere else
  • Click to Call – Add buttons so your customers or employees can easily call by clicking a button.
  • Images – Include images, logos and maps to completely customize your rich message.
  • Dynamic Data – Data fields can be added automatically so customized messages can be created easily

Need help customizing your own rich message?

Contact us! We’d be glad to help you customize a rich text message for your business.

rich text messaging