Personalized Messaging

Personalize each message with a single template.

The Sakari personalized message feature allows you to send bulk text messages to thousands of contacts, but make each message unique to the recipient. This personalization is accomplished using the wildcard message fields.
Any contact data field can be added. Core contacts attributes like first name, last name, or email are commonly used, but you can also include any custom attribute as well.  Insert the wildcard data fields in your template and Sakari will automatically insert the data for each contact.
Personalized message template, with the wildcard data placeholder fields:
“Hi [firstName]. A new job has been scheduled for you on [jobStartDate] at [jobStartTime]. View the job details here [Job Schedule Web Page]
Messages sent, as seen by the text message recipient:
“Hi Mary. A new job has been scheduled for you on 11/15/2018 at 9:30AM. View the job details here https://sakr.io/nvxuptu