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Sakari provides a complete SMS online gateway to text anyone in the world.

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Sakari is set up with business online texting features, including unlimited users, each with their own permissions. You can also add multiple account branches, so you can easily organize your team.


Set up your number

On our free SMS trial plan, you’ll use one of our shared phone numbers to send your messages. With paid subscriptions, you’ll receive a dedicated number that you can share on your website and with your customers. 

Have an existing number? Contact us, we also offer phone number porting services.


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Now you’re ready to send and receive SMS online.  Your messages can be viewed, managed and responded to using your Mac or PC, or on your phone using our mobile app. All sent and received text messages are automatically displayed in your account in real-time.

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Online Text Messaging Features

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Online Texting Service

Text messaging is how your customers and employees want to communicate.  According to a recent Customer Think report, the average response time to a text message is just 90 seconds.  

Sakari can help you get started to send free text messages online.  Right from your computer, you can use it to receive and send text online to thousands of mobile phones – all from our website.

Easily manage your tasks by creating message templates and setting up repeat messaging campaigns.  Contact management is easy with bulk file uploads, tagging and group filtering.


Real Phone Numbers

When you sign up for your free account, you’ll be able to start sending messages in just minutes.  For phone numbers, you have two options: shared or dedicated.  In both cases you can send and receive SMS messages.  

For our free service accounts, you’ll use one of our shared toll-free phone numbers.  Dedicated phone numbers are given to our paid subscription plans.  The dedicated phone number can be shared with your customers and employees.  You can send SMS from this number, and also receive replies. 

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Receive SMS Online

Sakari uses long-text phone numbers – not short codes or virtual mobile phone numbers. Have real-time two-way conversations with your customers and employees. Include links, emojis and rich text messages.

Frequently asked questions

Can I send send text messages for free with Sakari?

Yes. We have a free trial of 100 credits for you to start sending messages online.  Just provide your email address and you’re ready to go!

How much does this service cost?

The price varies based on your subscription plan and the country you’re sending the message to. Messages to the United States, Canada and Mexico start at 5.0 cents per message. Download our current pricing table.

Do I need a phone number to use this service?

Nope! As long as you have a computer with an internet connection you can send and receive SMS messages online from anywhere in the world.  We support messaging to over 150 countries.

Do I need to download any software or mobile app?

No, our desktop application is web-based and doesn’t require anything to be downloaded.  If you choose to install the mobile app as well (it’s not required), that is downloaded from the Apple or Android app stores.

What happens if someone calls the phone number?

If you’re a subscription plan, we can have any inbound calls forwarded to a phone number of your choice.  Please contact us to set that up.

Can I integrate Sakari with other applications?

Yes. Sakari integrates with over 1,000 of your favorite applications.  Check out out integrations page here: Sakari Integrations

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