PieSync SMS Integration

Seamlessly connect your contacts in a two-way sync with over 240 applications.

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Sync contacts and data between your favorite business apps


Gain Real Time Visibility

Two-way contact integration shows up-to-the-minute customer data.

Control and Segment Data

Establish a strong correlation of contact data with segmentation and field mapping.

Eliminate Manual Entry

Save time and prevent errors with automatic syncing of contact lists.

Simple and Secure

Link Sakari SMS with an app in under five minutes- no coding required.

PieSync and Sakari SMS Configuration


Create Account

Sign up for free with your email address and choose the apps you want to sync.


Authorize Apps

No coding. No developers.
Simply authorize your specific accounts to start the sync process.


Choose Contacts

Take full control of the data that you want to sync, whether it’s one way or bi-directional.


Start Syncing

After mapping your fields and completing the sync, you can now have two-way SMS conversations through Sakari SMS and your business tools.


Why PieSync + Sakari SMS?

This integration keeps your contact data in sync across hundreds of business applications, including: 

  • CRM 
  • Support and customer care
  • Email marketing
  • Sales and pipeline management
  • Lead generation
  • Event planning
  • Project management
  • Finance, billing, and invoicing 

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