Flowster Sakari SMS Integration

Integrate Sakari SMS to add text messaging to your Flowster SOPs.

Flowster and Sakari integration

Sakari is the trusted text provider for thousands, including:

About Flowster

Flowster is the easiest way to manage your company’s processes. When it comes to creating your own custom Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Flowster is so easy to use that you will have your very first SOP template done in as little as five minutes. Using Flowster’s super-intuitive drag ‘n drop interface, you can literally create an SOP in minutes – no matter what your industry, position, or task.

With Flowster, your ability to create SOPs is only limited by your own imagination. Here are a few practical examples where SOPs can be effective:

  • Email marketing
  • Blog management
  • Product launches
  • Facebook advertising
  • Content promotion
  • Recruiting
  • Employee orientation
  • Cold calling
  • Graphic design
  • Software development
If you can imagine it, you can use Flowster to rapidly build it.

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Richard C

Richard C. - Digital Marketing Strategist

"The product works as described, the integrations are great, the iPhone app to reply to messages has been useful. Integration is easy. The support team are quick to respond. Overall great experience."

Flowster Integration

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to easily connect the software applications you love.  Using Zapier, you can connect two or more programs together using “Zaps.”  Creating a Zap is easy, you can get started in minutes and you don’t need to know any code!

Sakari’s Zapier connection with Flowster allows users to sync invoicing data across both platforms. Configure your sync in minutes to begin leveraging the best of both platforms. Zapier supports over 1,000 applications and allows you to mix and match triggers and actions to make your own automation. Learn more at zapier.com.

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