Two-Way Texting

Two-Way Texting

Send and receive messages between your teams and contacts.

2 Way sms

Send and Receive SMS

More than likely, everyone you know has a phone and that’s why businesses are utilizing SMS channels to reach their prospects and clients faster. Two-way text messaging allows marketing, sales, and customer service teams to connect with their contacts more efficiently.

With Sakari’s two-way messaging, you can text from:

two-way texting

SMS Messaging Tools

Robust features to take your 2-way SMS to the next level.

SMS Scheduling

Plan ahead! Pre-schedule text messages and SMS marketing campaigns for a certain date and time.


Use contact attributes like Name, Company, etc. to insert into a message for more personalized, custom texts.

Chat History

Need to go back and view a conversation? See real-time messages you had with your contact.

Phone Groups

Assign users to specific phone number groups to help distinguish your team channels (sales, marketing, etc.)


Reusable SMS templates let you create a message once and then reuse it in just a click of a button.

Emojis and MMS

Add emojis to your text messages for a fun messaging experience. You can even attach multimedia messages.

send mms

Add Multi-Media Messaging

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and now you can add MMS (images) directly into your text message for a unique customer experience. **MMS is only available for US and Canada.

Send via:

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  We can set your account up with a dedicated phone number (including international).  We can also create dedicated phone numbers for each contact owner.

Learn more about all phone number options.

We have messaging support for over 200 countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and France.  To view our complete list of cities, view our pricing page.

Sakari offers unlimited contacts when it comes to uploading and messaging. Whether you just have a few messages to send out or thousands, Sakari has you covered.

Due to text messaging compliance guidelines, you must offer your contacts the option to opt-out by replying to your message.

The price varies based on your subscription plan, your message length and the country you’re sending the message to.  You can view our pricing plans here.

When you sign up, you’ll receive $5 (USD) in messaging credits to use—no credit card is required. If you’re ready to switch to a paid plan, just upgrade directly in the dashboard.

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