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Using the Sakari text messaging app for iOS and Android you can send and respond to your bulk messages anywhere.

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What does the mobile SMS app do?

Sakari is a business text messaging software provider.  Using our software, businesses can send and receive thousands of text messages directly from their desktop computer.   

The Sakari software is a web-based program, and is optimized for desktop and laptop computers.  To manage your messaging campaigns using your phone or tablet, we recommend our Android and iOS mobile apps.

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Track Conversations

Stay on top of every conversation.  The Sakari mobile app updates in real time with every active conversation and contact.  Start a conversation with any contact and view it in the Sakari dashboard as well.


Interact in Real Time

Have conversations in real-time with your customers, and manage everything across your entire team.  Seamlessly transfer conversations between team members and computers. 

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Desktop and Mobile Sync

Your Sakari dashboard and mobile app update continuously so you always have the latest information.  Manage the majority of your tasks using the Sakari dashboard, and you’ll know it’s always in sync with the mobile app. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I get started with the Sakari mobile app?

It’s easy! Register for your free account and download the iOS or Android app to your phone. Start sending your first message in just seconds.

How much do messages cost?

Text messages prices are based on three factors: the length of the message, the destination country and your current pricing plan.  Prices start at 5.0 cents per message to the United States and Canada.  Check our out pricing plans or view our pricing by country.

Does it cost anything extra to use the text messaging app?

Nope. It’s included for free with Sakari.

Who uses the mobile app? ​

The Sakari mobile app is designed for use by your team to manage your bulk messaging campaign.  It’s not designed to be used by your message contacts.

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