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The Challenges of eCommerce Communication

As a small or medium-sized business working online, a lot is going on. You have orders to fill. You also have clients to interact with. And you need to promote your business so that new people find you and old customers come back.

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Response times

Communication can be a massive challenge for eCommerce businesses. With limited resources, how can you meet the high expectations that consumers have?

Clients expect instant replies to their messages, and it can be hard to keep up. This is especially true if you work with different platforms. The volume of messages in different places can be hard for business owners. For clients, a slow response time can lead them to give up on their purchase.

Abandoned carts

Cart abandonment is another challenge. It's common and frustrating to see customers add items to their cart but not buy them. 

This presents a couple of issues, first, why have they abandoned the purchase? If it happens more often than usual, there may be an issue with the website. 

Second, how do you persuade them to complete their purchase? Some e-commerce platforms, like Shopify, give you templates for cart abandonment emails. This makes it easier for you.

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E-commerce marketing 

Marketing your e-commerce business can also be difficult. Especially if you’ve never done marketing before. There are so many channels, and measuring your effectiveness is not always easy. 

Constantly creating content for social media, email, and blogs takes up a lot of your time. So having the right marketing strategy is important for the success of your business.

The Effectiveness of Text Messaging to Solve Those Challenges

Out of all the different channels for client communication, text messages stand out in terms of speed and effectiveness. You can use text messages to answer your clients' questions about the products and their orders. You can even make text message templates for FAQs to save time.

SMS messages work well for cart abandonment reminders. They are a strong partner to automatic emails. By using both emails and texts you increase the strength of your campaign. Your recipient is more likely to see and act on your messages. You can use triggers to send them automatically, so you don’t waste time worrying about sending them manually.

Finally, SMS marketing is highly effective. Texts have a 98% open rate and get a 45% response rate. Also, consumers like getting texts from businesses – 64% say it’s their favorite way to communicate.

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For businesses, especially small ones, text message marketing is affordable and powerful. Many e-commerce stores choose SMS as it’s an inexpensive solution, and the return on investment is high.

To automate SMS marketing and experience its benefits, businesses need a robust software solution that grows with them. 

Sakari is an affordable easy-to-use SMS marketing software with flexible pricing that can scale with you. 

How Sakari Empowers eCommerce Brands

Sakari works closely with eCommerce brands to help them reach their audiences more effectively.

Personalize your SMS marketing

Using Sakari, businesses can personalize at scale. Sakari enables personalized communication with customers, enhancing the shopping experience. You can send text messages based on triggers, so your messages are always delivered to the right person at exactly the right time.

Target your customers

With Sakari’s segmentation and targeting you can target customers and potential buyers based on behavior, preferences and their purchase history. For example, if jeans go on sale you could send an SMS campaign to everyone who bought jeans in the past year. 

Integrate with marketing tools

All modern businesses use different tools. When these platforms can’t transfer information it can become frustrating. That’s why Sakari integrates with over 1,300 different platforms, including HubSpot, Zapier, Slack, and many many more. This makes your life easier as information is automatically integrated. For clients, it makes communication smoother and more natural.

You don’t have time to waste constantly sending manual bulk text messages and setting up new marketing campaigns daily. Sakari enables you to create automated campaigns. You can send order updates, offers, sales, and ask for reviews automatically by text message.

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Sakari’s clear analytics give you insights. They tell you what your clients like and don’t like. You can then finetune your messaging to fit them and improve results. This is easy with Sakari’s AI Assistant which can provide message variations in seconds.

How eCommerce Brands Can Generate Revenue With Sakari’s SMS Marketing Automation Software

SMS marketing improves communication and customer engagement. These 10 types of text messages can help you to generate revenue with your eCommerce products. 

  1. Exclusive Discounts: Offer discounts to customers who subscribe to SMS alerts. The discounts encourage purchases from text messages with a link to your store.
  2. New Product Alerts: Alert customers about new products with SMS notifications. They'll entice customers to check out the latest offerings. Short messages with a clear call to action push your audience to check out what’s new.
  3. Back-in-Stock Alerts: Notify customers when popular or items that were out of stock come back. You can target people who have favorited the products, pushing them to fall in love with them again.
  4. Abandoned Cart Recovery: Send gentle reminders to customers who left items in their carts. Encourage them to complete their purchases. Text message is a great channel to do this as it’s less competitive than email.
  5. Flash Sales Announcements: Use SMS to announce flash sales. These texts create a sense of urgency and prompt immediate action. Since 90% of texts are read in 3 minutes, they’re a great way to push fast actions.
  6. Personalized Recommendations: Use browsing and purchase history to send personalized product recommendations. This type of messaging shows you care and makes clients feel special.
  7. Order Updates: Provide real-time updates on order processing, shipping, and delivery. These SMS notifications improve customer satisfaction and trust.
  8. Cross-Selling Campaigns: After a purchase, suggest related products via SMS. These recommendations will encourage extra sales. For instance, if someone buys a necklace, suggest matching earrings so that they have the full set. If you don’t sell sets, you can recommend items that could match or go well together. 
  9. Customer Feedback Surveys: Ask for feedback on recent purchases or services. These types of conversations will help you improve and engage customers.
  10. Referral Bonuses: Encourage customers to refer friends in exchange for discounts or rewards. These programs help to expand your customer base.sms-marketing-software-ecommerce (3)

Unlock the Power of Text Messaging Automation with Sakari!

Sakari is a marketing partner that helps you to cut through the difficulties in SMS marketing. With us, you can improve your conversions and drive sales and engagement. 

You can easily connect Sakari with your existing platforms. Our platform allows you to message clients locally and globally. With Sakari you can easily set up and send SMS marketing campaigns.

Start your 14-day free trial of Sakari today and discover how SMS marketing can improve your eCommerce sales.

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