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Introducing Sakari – a New Real-Time Bulk Text Messaging Service for Businesses

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San Francisco — June 5, 2018 — No one looks forward to reading emails or picking up voicemail.  Imagine a tool that helps your company create, send and track customized messages to customers and employees in an instant.  Sakari is now offering bulk text messaging to businesses in more than 150 countries. So you might be thinking…“Why do we need another text messaging service when we’ve got iMessage, WhatsApp and Messenger?”  None of these apps allow you to customize messages to thousands of people at the same time. Why waste hours of time and money sending personalized messages when Sakari can do it for you in an instant? This means your business can have a more human interaction with customers and employees – saving you time and money. “Our mission is to help businesses communicate faster, and more personally, at scale. Text messages are opened over five times more frequently than email, with an average response time of just 90 seconds.” said Adam Horsman, Co-Founder of Sakari. “With our cloud-based web platform you can manage your contacts, save message templates and create campaigns to send personalized messages to thousands of contacts, all with just a few clicks. Sending a message costs pennies and we can deliver thousands of messages to your customers in seconds.“ Messaging plans start at $38 per month and there’s a free trial! To see complete pricing, visit: https://sakari.io/pricing

About Sakari, Inc.

Founded in 2017 and based in San Francisco, Sakari provides bulk text messaging for businesses.  Its cloud-based software sends customized alerts, reminders, events and notifications to customers and employees in an instant, wherever they are. To learn more visit: https://sakari.io

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