Mass Text Messaging Service for Business

Sakari is a service for sending out mass text messages.  Send SMS reminders, alerts, confirmations and marketing campaigns. 

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Mass SMS Texting Features

Sakari is business text messaging service built for sending mass text alerts, events, reminders and marketing.

messaging campaigns

Scheduled Messages

Create scheduled text messaging campaigns  delivered on a recurring basis or a single future date and time.
messaging campaigns


Automate your messaging with SMS campaigns. Create contact filtering rules, save your message templates and schedule your messages to be sent on a recurring basis.
two-way chat

Real-Time Two-Way Chat

Start a two-way conversation by responding to inbound messages with real-time two-way chat using our SMS chat.
contact management

Contact Management

Easily manage your contacts and subscribers with our bulk contact management system.
sms api

SMS gateway API

Integrate with your existing systems quickly and easily with our SMS API gateway.
rich text messaging

Rich Text Messaging

Create personalized webpages with rich text messaging links in your text.  Each page is personalized to the contact and can include text, images, and call to actions. 
mobile app

iOS and Android Mobile App

Use the Sakari iOS and Android text messaging app to seamlessly send and receive SMS online on both your desktop and mobile devices.
web dashboard

Web Dashboard

Manage your entire bulk text messaging campaign from the cloud-based Sakari dashboard.
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Complete Contact Management

Managing your contact list is an important part of your messaging software, so we made it simple. Use our web dashboard to add, edit and delete contacts.  Make fast changes with bulk import and export tools to add and edit thousands of contacts. Group your contacts with custom tags and unlimited custom fields.
contact management
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Personalized Mass Texting

Easily send thousands of personalized mass text messages to your customers and employees. Create message templates with static and wildcard fields.  The contacts information will automatically be added to each message. 


messaging template
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Rich Text Messaging

Sometimes a the limited characters of a text message does not provide enough space to convey your message. That’s why we’ve added our Rich Text Messaging. Include a link in each message to webpage that is customized to that customer.


Rich Messaging is perfect for appointment reminders, job assignments and event reminders. Each page can be customized with images, maps, names and response buttons.


sms api icon

SMS API Gateway & Webhooks

Integrate your existing systems directly to Sakari quickly and easily with our SMS API gateway.  Built to the latest OpenAPI 3.0 standards, you’ll be up and running in just 5 minutes.


Endpoints exist to manage messaging, contacts, templates, campaigns and more.  With our web-hooks you’ll receive real- time notifications when messages or a response is received.


sms api gateway
two way chat

Real-Time Two-Way Messaging

Use Sakari SMS chat to communicate with your contacts in real-time.  Each new message creates an open conversation.  When message replies are received, you will be notified with your choice of desktop notifications, emails and push notifications to your phone. 


sms chat

Manage Your Text Messaging Campaign from Anywhere.

Download the Sakari iOS and Android mobile app to manage your campaign on the go.  The app syncs automatically with the Sakari web dashboard.  Connect your entire time to the account and respond to messages anytime, anywhere.

Common Questions

What is Mass Text Messaging?

Mass text messaging, also referred to as bulk SMS, is software to send thousands of text messages in seconds.   The software is typically web-based, and can save significant time and effort. Using mass texting software with a single click, your message can be broadcasted to your customers and employees. You message will be send to your contacts cell phone instantly, wherever in the world they are.

Bulk messaging gives you the power to reach everyone you need to within seconds. Typical applications of mass texting services are to communicate reminders, alerts and for promoting businesses.

Why Texting Works

As mobile has become more popular, the way your contacts communicate has changed.  According to a recent One Reach study, text messages are typically opened in under 3 minutes. Compared to email, text messages have an open rate that is 5x higher, and response rates that is 3x higher.


Having the ability to reach your employees and customers with information in a quick and efficient manner is vital in today’s competitive business market. You need a service that can target exactly the people you need to reach, and deliver your message, wherever they are.

Why Sakari?

Businesses need a SMS service that is easy to use, quick to get started and affordable. Our cloud-based mass texting system is built to handle your business, whether it’s large or small. We’ve packed the software with features to seamlessly send bulk messages that are personalized to your customer and brand. The service is simple to use, fully customizable, and costs just pennies per message.


Your messages will be delivered quickly and reliably because we’re partnered with every major US and Canadian mobile carriers to ensure your bulk texts are delivered within seconds.


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