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Automate powerful campaigns that combine SMS, MMS, Voice, WhatsApp, and more! All in one single platform.

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The All-Encompassing Text Message Marketing Solution for SMBs

Meet your prospects where they are with an easy-to-use SMS marketing platform. Automate your marketing campaigns, enhance conversions, optimize ROI, and dominate multi-channel marketing.


Manage your contacts

Whether you want to upload a list of contacts or capture leads from a website form, with Sakari you can effortlessly create customized forms without any coding skills. Collect the right information at the right time and trigger automated marketing campaigns in one single place. 


Build messaging campaigns

Effortlessly create trigger-based automated campaigns, personalize messages, ensure full source attribution with unique tracking links and more.


Integrate with your everyday software

Access over 1,300 pre-built integrations and a flexible API for effortless data centralization. Create content once and distribute it across multiple channels, saving time and resources.

You're in good company


“Everytime Sakari is used, I get a few minutes back. Extrapolate that over the course of a month, and that's hours saved on communication. And as we say, time is money!”

Nader Masrour

Account Executive, Lightspeed




Expand Your Reach with Customers on WhatsApp

Reconnect your marketing, service, and operations teams on the world's most renowned messaging app for businesses. Seamlessly exchange messages, images, files, locations, and beyond.

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Chat Smarter with 
Sakari RCS

Take your texts to the next level with Sakari's RCS support: engage with rich media, real-time interactions, and enhanced group chats, all while boosting your business communication.

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Revolutionize Communication with Voice Calling

Instant, and meaningful communication. Add a personal touch to your messages with voice, enhancing engagement and connection. Stored conveniently in your inbox for easy access and replay.

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Engage every Lead
Capture every Conversation

Find the perfect combination of channels to effectively reach your propects and customers. All in one single place, alone or in any combination.


Enhance Interactions Through Powerful Messaging Campaigns

Connect with your prospects efficiently by automatically sending them tailored messages at the right time, making your engagement feel personal and meaningful.


Monitor your campaign performance with precise link tracking and messaging reports.


Connect with your target audience in one single place and save on hefty marketing expenses by streamlining all your channels into our user-friendly drag and drop visual builder.

Powerful Messaging Campaigns

Transform Contact Lists Into Goldmines

Create, import, sync, segment, and enrich your list of contacts to ensure high deliverability and campaign performance. Construct enriched lists that are highly engaged and optimized.


Import and sync contacts from diverse sources, including CSV files, HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Pipedrive and more.


Customize contact properties to collect relevant information and personalize your messages effectively.


Create lists based on keywords and effortlessly handle opt-ins and opt-outs, guaranteeing precise segmentation for tailored engagement strategies.


Orchestrate your Marketing silos in one single platform

Harmonize your tools for streamlined contact management and enhanced engagement. Say goodbye to fragmented experiences and hello to cohesive campaign management


Access over 1,300 pre-built integrations and a flexible API for effortless data centralization.


Create content once and distribute it across multiple channels effortlessly, saving time and resources.


Maintain compliance across all channels, safeguarding against spam and ensuring top-notch content quality.

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Put the power of Sakari AI to work for you

Maximize your time and ROI with personalized and tailored messages.


Generate engaging and A/B tests with Sakari AI.


Optimize message content for maximum impact and engagement.



SMS is by far the primary way we engage with customers today, following by email and phone. More than 95% of our sales are closed virtually without requiring an onsite visit.”

Daniel Francis

Chief Product Officer,  Treehouse

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