Automated Text Messages for Business: 7 Examples That Drive ROI

Discover 7 great examples of automated text messages that can boost your business's ROI. Learn how to engage customers & streamline communication!


Are automated text messages the secret ingredient your business and customer support team have been waiting for? Let’s break it down.

In business, every second counts. Imagine a tool that streamlines communication and boosts your marketing game and bottom line. You probably want to have a better relationship with your customers or clients, too, which ultimately leads to brand loyalty and more revenue. That’s the beauty of automated text messages —simple yet powerful.

But What Is an Automated Text Message?

An automated text message is a pre-set SMS sent automatically by an SMS software in response to specific triggers or workflows. This technology allows for timely, consistent communication without the need for manual input each time. Automated texts are ideal for reminders, confirmations, marketing campaigns, and more, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience at the perfect time.

Now, it’s time to get practical and look at 7 real examples that could be game-changers for your business and that you can start implementing today. With Sakari, these strategies are easy to implement. Start your free trial today and begin transforming your business communication.

7 Automated Text Message Examples That Drive ROI

One of the beauties of SMS lies in its testability. You can dip your toes into automated texting effortlessly with an industry-specific automated text message example from below. The best part? No extensive setup or hefty investment is required.

1. Abandoned Cart Upgrade

Emailing users who left a site without finishing their purchase is a solid, ROI-delivering marketing tactic.

With an average open rate of around 40%, it’s practically malpractice to let these warm leads cool down.

So you can guess what happens when you combine the purchase interest of an abandoned cart with the 98% open rate of business text messaging.

Or at the very least, you can test an abandoned cart SMS campaign to see how strongly you can impact your bottom line.

Example: “Hi [FirstName], you left some items in your cart! Complete your purchase within 24 hours and enjoy a 10% discount. Click [Link] to return to your cart.”

Automated Text Messages for Business- 7 Examples That Drive ROI

2. Promotions that Build Your Contact Lists

Build your text message contact list with enticing promotions. Imagine a pizza promotion where users simply text “PIZZA” to receive an automated text with exclusive discounts.

It’s a win-win: customers get a special deal, and you build a targeted marketing list for delivering relevant promotional messages, to an interested audience. Engage your customers with personalized offers through automated text messages.

Example: “Text ‘PIZZA’ to 12345 and get 20% off your next order! Join our VIP list for more exclusive deals.”

3. Keep Fans Updated on New Events

Everyone is looking to make up for lost time as the rush for live events has already started. Promoters and artists–or anyone whose job it is to sell tickets–are going to have a difficult time standing out in email inboxes.

Adding an automated text message element to your workflows will ensure visibility and likely match your audience’s preferred channel for updates as 48% of consumers prefer SMS.

Furthermore, you can enhance ROI by segmenting your contact list and employing SMS drip campaigns to create early interest and induce late-stage FOMO.

Example: “Hey [FirstName], don’t miss our upcoming concert! Early bird tickets go on sale this Friday. Reply ‘TICKETS’ for a reminder.”

Automated Text Messages for Business 7 Examples That Drive ROI

4. Manage Loyalty Clubs

Automated text messages are your key to keeping your best customers engaged. You can provide exclusive content and offers through the SMS channel, offering them first access to certain items or additional discounts.

Show your customers they come first by leveraging automated text messages for businesses to manage customer interactions and loyalty clubs.

Example: “VIP Member Alert: Get early access to our new collection before anyone else! Visit [Link] with your exclusive code: VIPACCESS.”

5. Prospect Re-engagement

Lost leads are not lost forever. With automated text messages, you can reconnect with prospects who showed interest but faded away. Acknowledge their previous engagement, express understanding of the busy nature of life, and inquire if your product or service now aligns with their needs.

Convert potentially high-value leads with a personalized re-engagement approach.

Example: “Hi [FirstName], we noticed you were interested in our services. Is now a better time to talk? We’re here to help with any questions you might have.”

6. Appointment Confirmation and Scheduling

The amount of time and, more importantly, money that is wasted due to client no-shows can be devastating. In fact, patient no-shows cost the United States healthcare system $150 billion a year .

A well-timed confirmation text a few days before an appointment keeps it on their radar and allows them to move it–without taking up anybody’s time.

A final reminder one hour before the appointment keeps you alert to any free time you may need to fill soon.

Two texts can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration with a confirmation text automation sequence.

Example: “Hello [FirstName], just a reminder about your appointment with us on [Date] at [Time]. Reply ‘RESCHEDULE’ if you need to change the time.” 

Automated Text Messages for Business 7 Examples That Drive ROI

7. Always Ready Customer Service

An automated text message workflow can save the day when you have a customer in need of support, particularly when it happens during off hours.

By setting up a system that pushes customers toward pre-determined self-help paths, you may not only save a customer relationship but also strengthen it because you provide instant value.

And that should be the goal of any automated text message campaign.

Example: “Hi there! Need help after hours? Reply with ‘SUPPORT’ for our self-service options or ‘SPEAK’ to request a callback from our team tomorrow.”

Other Automated Text Message Ideas for Business

The potential applications for automated text messages extend far beyond. To give you a broader perspective and more inspiration, here’s another set of creative and effective automated text message ideas:

  1. New Product Teasers

    “Sneak Peek! Be the first to check out our upcoming product launching next week. Stay tuned for more details!”

  2. Service Downtime Alerts

    “Heads up! Our system will be down for maintenance on [Date]. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

  3. Back in Stock Alerts

    “Good news! The item you’ve been waiting for is back in stock! Grab it now: [Link].”

  4. Weekly Tips or Advice

    “This week’s tip: [Quick Tip]. Stay tuned every Monday for more insights!”

  5. Customer Anniversary Acknowledgment

    “Happy 1st anniversary with us, [Name]! Here’s a special thank you discount just for you: [Code].”

  6. Countdown to Special Events

    “Only 3 days left until our big sale! Get your wishlist ready for the best deals.”

  7. Post-Purchase Care Tips

    “Enjoying your new [Product]? Here are some care tips to keep it in top shape: [Link].”

  8. Seasonal Opening Hours

    “Our store hours have changed for the summer. Check out the new timings: [Link].”

  9. Cross-Sell Opportunities

    “Love your recent purchase? You might also like [Related Product]. Check it out here: [Link].”

  10. Membership Renewal Reminders

    “Your membership is expiring soon. Renew now to continue enjoying exclusive benefits.”

  11. Invitations to Online Webinars or Events

    “Join our free webinar on [Topic] this [Date]. Secure your spot here: [Link].”

  12. Updates on Loyalty Points Balance

    “You’ve got [Points] loyalty points! Redeem them on your next purchase for great discounts.”

  13. Charity or Community Event Invitations

    "Support our charity event this weekend. Every contribution makes a difference: [Link].”

  14. Customer Success Stories

    “Hear from our happy customers: [Name]’s journey with [Product/Service]. Read more: [Link].”

  15. Health and Safety Updates

    “Your safety is our priority. Here’s what we’re doing to keep our premises safe: [Link].”

  16. New Blog Post Alerts

    “Check out our latest blog post on [Topic]. Gain insights and tips here: [Link].”

  17. Holiday Closure Notices

    “We’ll be closed on [Holiday]. Wishing you a wonderful time with your loved ones!”

  18. Invitations to Participate in Contests

    “Enter our latest contest and stand a chance to win exciting prizes! Details here: [Link].”

  19. Reminders for Subscription Expirations

    “Your subscription to [Service] is about to expire. Renew now to avoid interruption.”

  20. Thank You Messages Post-Interaction

    “Thank you for visiting us today! We hope you had a great experience. Share your feedback: [Link].”

Why Automate Your Business Text Message Communication

Automated text messages are transforming the way businesses communicate with their customers. Here are some key benefits:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: Auto-reply messages allow businesses to forge stronger connections with their audience. By delivering timely and personalized messages, companies can engage customers more effectively, leading to increased loyalty and repeat business.

  • Improved Communication Efficiency: Automation means saying goodbye to time-consuming manual outreach. By streamlining communication channels, businesses can reach more customers with less effort, improving overall productivity.

  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: Today’s customers value convenience. An auto-reply message meets customers where they are – on their phones. This immediate and accessible form of communication enhances the customer experience, leading to higher satisfaction rates.

  • Potential for Higher ROI: The efficiency and effectiveness of automated text messages can significantly boost your business’s return on investment. By targeting the right audience with the right message at the right time, businesses can see a substantial increase in conversions and sales.

Simply put, the benefits of automated text messages for business are clear, the possibilities are endless, and the results are tangible.

The Cons of Automated Business Text Messages

While automated text messages are highly effective, they have some drawbacks:

  1. Impersonal Interaction: Over-reliance on automation can make communication feel less personal, potentially impacting customer relationships.

  2. Risk of Message Fatigue: Sending too many automated texts can overwhelm or annoy customers, leading to opt-outs and negative perceptions of the brand.

  3. Outdated Content: If not regularly updated, automated messages can become stale or irrelevant, providing incorrect information to recipients.

  4. Legal and Compliance Risks: Automated texting must comply with regulations like opt-in consent and privacy laws to avoid legal issues and fines.

Best Practices for Automated Business Text Messages

To maximize the effectiveness of automated text messaging, consider these best practices:

  1. Personalize Messages: Enhance personalization by using customer data effectively. Tailor messages based on customer behavior, preferences, and previous interactions. For instance, use a customer’s name and reference their last purchase or interaction in your messages to make them feel more personal and relevant. For instance, “Hi [FirstName], we noticed you love our skincare range. Enjoy a 20% discount on our new moisturizers: [Link].”

  2. Balance Frequency: Carefully plan the frequency of messages to avoid overwhelming your audience. For a service-based business, such as a dental clinic, schedule reminder texts for appointments every six months, and occasional promotional messages. Avoid sending more than two promotional texts per month to prevent overwhelming clients.

  3. Keep Content Fresh: Regularly update message content to ensure relevance and accuracy. If you own a restaurant, update your automated messages weekly to feature new specials or menu items. “This week at [Restaurant Name], try our Chef’s Special [Dish Name] and get a complimentary dessert. Book your table now: [Link].”

  4. Follow Legal Guidelines: Adhere to legal requirements for SMS marketing, including obtaining consent and respecting privacy. Ensure all recipients have opted in to receive texts. Include a clear opt-out option in every message: “You’re receiving this message because you signed up for [Service Name] updates. To unsubscribe, reply STOP.”

  5. Monitor and Adjust: Continuously monitor the performance of your automated texts and make adjustments based on customer feedback and engagement metrics. If you’re running a promotional campaign, track the open and response rates of your messages. If a particular message has low engagement, modify the content or timing. For instance, if a discount offer sent on weekdays has low engagement, try resending it on the weekend.

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