7 Automated Text Message Examples and How They Drive ROI

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Are automated text messages a fit for your business? That depends.

Do you have a need for better marketing, a cost-saving appointment confirmation system, or more sales?

Of course you do. You also likely want to have a better relationship with your customers or clients that ultimately leads to brand loyalty and more revenue. 

So let’s breakdown how automated texts work followed by 7 examples that could start driving ROI for your business today.

How Do Automated Text Messages Work?

Automated text messages are text messages that are systematically sent to a selected audience based on triggers. These triggers can be set to fire based on timing, user actions, or workflows. In short, you can send automatic text messages to customers on a set schedule or based on their actions (e.g. a received text).

The use cases for business texting are numerous and growing as our communication channels expand to platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. We also have an expanding number of SMS integrations available for popular CRMs and a library of specific how-to articles available in our support center.

What Are Some Examples of Automated Text Messaging?

Perhaps the best part of SMS as a channel is how easily testable it is. You can ease into automated texting slowly using any of the below automated SMS examples without hours of setup or a large investment.

In fact, Sakari’s pricing is built to test and scale as you grow. You can lways take advantage of our free 14-day trial to see for yourself.

1. Abandoned Cart Upgrade

Emailing users who left a site without finishing their purchase is a solid, ROI-delivering marketing tactic.

With an average open rate around 40%, it’s practically malpractice to let these warm leads cool down.

So you can guess what happens when you combine the purchase interest of an abandoned cart with the 98% open rate of business text messaging.

Or at the very least, you can test an abandoned cart SMS campaign to see how strongly you can impact your bottom line.

abandoned cart sms text automation example

2. Promos that Build Contact Lists

Entice new or existing customers to join your text message contact list with a promo prompted by a keyword. Our go-to example is the pizza promotion where a user sends the word “pizza” to receive a link or code for a discount.

It’s the classic win-win. The customer gets a one-time deal while you get to build a marketing list that you’ll use to serve relevant messages to an interested audience.

3. Keep Fans Updated on New Events

Everyone is looking to make up for lost time as the post-pandemic rush for live events has already started. Promoters and artists–or anyone whose job it is to sell tickets–are going to have a difficult time standing out in email inboxes.

Adding an automated text message element to your workflows will ensure visbility and likely match your audience’s preferred channel for updates as 48% of consumers prefer SMS.

Furthermore, you can really raise the ROI by segmenting your contact list by location and use an SMS drip campaign to drum up early interest and foment late-stage FOMO.

4. Manage Loyalty Clubs

Much like keeping fans apprised of your tour schedule, automated text messages can also make it easy to engage with your best fans no matter the subject matter. 

Keep your customers engaged with great content and offers that are exclusive to them and the SMS channel. Let them have first dibs on certain items or give them that little extra discount that shows you’ll always put them first.

5. Prospect Re-engagement

It’s a common story. A prospective customer interacted with your content, gave you their contact info, and/or reached out for demo call. Then they disappeared.

While frustrating, it’s also encouraging. You know that person is interested in your product or service, which means they have a higher chance of ultimately converting than most website visitors.

Life can get in the way, so let them know you understand and ask if your product or service makes more sense now.

6. Appointment Confirmation and Scheduling

The amount of time and, more importantly, money that is wasted due to client no-shows can be devastating. In fact, patient no-shows cost the United States healthcare system $150 billion a year

A well-timed confirmation text a few days before an appointment keeps it on their radar and gives them the opportunity to move it–without taking up anybody’s time.

A final reminder one hour before the appointment keeps you alert to any free time you may need to fill soon. 

That’s it. Two texts can save you a lot of time, money, and frustration with a confirmation text automation sequence. 

automated text message appointment confirmation

7. Always Ready Customer Service

An automated text message workflow can save the day when you have a customer in need of support, particularly when it happens in off hours. 

By setting up a system that pushes customers toward pre-determined self-help paths, you may not only save a customer relationship, but also strengthen it because you provided instant value.

And that should be the goal of any automated text message campaign.

The above examples only begin to scratch the surface of this channel’s potential. Find and test new ways to make your customers happy with our 14-day free trial to start seeing ROI today.

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