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Month: June 2018

business texting

Business Texting Etiquette: 9 Tips to Present the Best

When text messaging was first introduced on cellular phones, communicating this way was mainly done between personal acquaintances; until it wasn’t. It didn’t take long before a younger generation was texting their acceptance of a job offer or asking a client to meet for drinks after work.

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choosing sms provider

7 Key Considerations to Make When Choosing an SMS Provider

So, you’ve decided that bulk SMS messaging is the ideal tool to help you grow your business, to stay in touch with your church’s congregation, or to keep your customers informed and in the loop. Congratulations – using an SMS provider can be an incredibly powerful tool, enabling growth, success and better communication. However, you can’t go it alone. You need to work with an SMS provider to enjoy all of those benefits.

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church mass messaging

Mass Text Messaging for Churches

Churches are finding it more and more difficult to reach their audience as the speed of life increases, and as chaos continues to grow, fueled in no small part by technology. As ironic as it may be, a number of churches are finding ways to turn the very technology that has disrupted them to their advantage with the use of mass text messaging for churches. What role might texting actually play in the life of the church, or in the body of believers?

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office desks

11 Moving Company Technology Tips

Summary Moving company managers are faced with a rapidly changing environment. Increased competition, rising customer demands and escalating wages all put pressure on executives to look for opportunities to drive

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