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Sakari provides a complete messaging service to quickly and easily send SMS online to anyone in the world.
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Support of 150+ Countries

We’ve partnered with all the major US carriers to ensure your messages are delivered quickly and reliably.

Send & Receive SMS Online in Bulk

Send message alerts, reminders and notifications to thousands of contacts in seconds.

Personalize Each Message

Automatically have contact data inserted in to each message creating personalized messages in bulk.
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Your Customers Prefer Text Messaging

According to industry data mobile is the way people want to communicate today.

Text messages are sent every minute globally.


of text messages are read within 3 minutes.


Text messages are opened 5x more than email.


of smartphone users use text messaging.

Manage your SMS Communication Online

Sakari is built to make managing your online messaging easy.

scheduled messaging

Schedule Messages

Set it and forget it. Our built-in calendar makes it easy to setup a scheduled text messaging campaign to be sent at a specific date and time.
manage contacts

Manage Contacts with Tags & Attributes

Create, update and delete contacts in bulk. Group contacts with tags and add unlimited custom attributes.
sms api

Integrate with your Systems

Use our bulk SMS API to connect with your existing tools and systems.
two way chat

Real-Time Two-Way Chat

Create a two-way conversation by sending and receiving messages instantly with our online SMS chat.
sms app

Sakari Chat Mobile APP

Use the Sakari iOS and Android text messaging app to seamlessly send and receive SMS online on both your desktop and mobile devices.
messaging campaigns

Create Messaging Campaigns

Automate your tasks with SMS campaigns.  Create contact filtering rules, add templates and schedule your messages to be sent on a recurring basis.

Why Use Sakari to Send SMS Online

Our online SMS platform is how your customers want to connect and will save your team time and money.


Connect with Customers Anywhere

Sending your SMS online allows you to connect with your contacts wherever they are in seconds.

Manage Everything from One Place

Your team can manage your entire online SMS campaign with the Sakari dashboard and mobile APP.

Save Time

Automate messages with campaigns, track responses with the mobile app, and integrate with your existing systems with our SMS API.

Frequent Questions about Sending SMS Online

Our SMS platform is packed with features for sending mass text messages to your customers and employees.

How can I get started sending SMS online?

It’s easy!  Register for your free account here and you’ll get started with 100 free messaging credits.  Start sending your first message in just seconds.

What does it cost to send a message?

The price varies based on your subscription plan and the country you’re sending the message to. Messages to the United States, Canada and Mexico start at 5.0 cents per message. Check out our pricing plans or download our pricing table by country

Can I personalize each SMS I send online?

Yes! Each SMS can be personalized to the contact using wildcard message fields in your message templates. The wildcard fields will automatically insert your contacts data in to each message sent (e.g. their first name).

Support of 150+ Countries and All Major US & Canadian Carriers

We’ve partnered with all the major US and Canadian mobile carriers to ensure your text messages are delivered reliably and quickly.

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