Octopus HACCP Decreased Their No-Show Rate with Sakari's Text Messages

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Octopus HACCP is a French company with an innovative SaaS app for restaurants and hotels for hygiene control. The business was created to help restaurants with Hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) by centralizing the process in their app.

Sakari spoke to Bastien Verwaerde, the Sales Team Lead for Octopus HACCP about how they chose Sakari as their SMS marketing partner to help them increase their number of productive sales meetings.


SaaS for hospitality


Sakari + Hubspot


Octopus HACCP is a French Saas business in their hospitality sector.


  • High no-show rate to meetings


  • 10% reduction in no-shows

The Challenge

The Octopus HACCP’s sales team was struggling with a high number of people who weren’t showing up to scheduled sales meetings. This was a frustrating situation as it wasted time and set back their sales process. 

They tried to solve the issue by sending email reminders but found that their prospects didn’t see or reply to the emails that Bastien and his team would send.

The Solution

The sales team decided to try a new channel to try and solve their problem. They thought that text messages may be a good solution as they’re more immediate than email. 

Their theory that texts may work better is well-founded. The open rate of emails is between 17-28% depending on the industry, whereas SMS has an incredible open rate of 98%. The best for Octopus HACCP is that 90% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes.

The team began searching for a platform that would work with their CRM so that they could use SMS in workflows. They found Sakari in the HubSpot app marketplace and decided to try it out.

“It was already integrated on HubSpot and therefore it was really easy to implement and use it in workflows”

Bastien Verwaerde

Head of Sales SMB, Octopus HACCP

The Benefits

The sales team spent time planning how they would write their text messages to stay within the character limit. Once they decided on their approach, they put it into action and were thrilled with the results. 

“It is huge… 10% less no-show for our meetings”, Bastien told us, increasing the number of productive conversations with leads led to more deals and more results for his sales team. 

The goal that the Octopus HACCP team set out to achieve was increasing productivity, efficiency, and improving their sales. This is what they reached by reducing meeting no-shows by 10%.

The whole team was pleased with the Sakari app, and how it integrated easily into their existing tech stack.

“I would highly reccomend Sakari [to all businesses that] work with specific targets that are more inclined to use their phone instead of their emails”

Bastien Verwaerde

Head of Sales SMB, Octopus HACCP


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