HubSpot SMS Text Messaging

Sakari integration with HubSpot adds two-way text messaging directly to your HubSpot account.

This integration requires both Sakari and HubSpot.

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Our service

HubSpot SMS Integration

Get started in minutes.  Send and receive messages and automatically trigger SMS with workflows.

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Easy Setup

Link your HubSpot account directly with Sakari in less than 5 minutes.

Two-Way Messaging

Send and receive text messages entirely in HubSpot.

Automate with Workflows

Create workflows that trigger SMS when forms completed, appointments scheduled and more!

Message Templates

Add templates that will automatically personalize messages.

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Contact Messaging

The Sakari HubSpot integration adds a new “SMS” module to each HubSpot contact record.  Click the “Send SMS” button and a message window will appear. Type your message and click send. View the complete message history with the contact, all in one place, directly in HubSpot.


Timeline Tracking

Track your complete contact interactions on the timeline. All sent and received messages are added to the contacts timeline, with the date, time and the complete message.

hubspot timeline
hubspot workflow response



Add text messaging to your HubSpot workflows.  Automate processes by automatically triggering text message templates.  Each message will be personalized with the contacts own information. 

Automatically trigger text messages with: 

  • Form completions
  • Contacts created
  • Tasks created
  • Appointments created
  • And more!

Frequently asked questions

How do I get started with the HubSpot SMS integration with Sakari?

It’s easy!  First, you’ll need both a HubSpot and Sakari account setup. Next, you’ll link your Sakari account to HubSpot. This linking takes about 60 seconds and doesn’t require any coding.  That’s it. You’re done!  

We’ve outline the steps to get started in this support article: Setting up integration between Sakari and HubSpot

What does it cost to send a message?

You can get started for free with your first 100 messages.   After that, you have your choice of a monthly subscription or purchasing credits you’ll use over time.  You only pay for what you actually use, if you don’t use your credits in a month they’ll roll over to the following month.  

You can view our pricing options here: View Pricing

How can I send text messages in HubSpot?

Using the Hubspot SMS integration, you can send text messages two different ways:

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