The Benefits of Two-Way SMS in Business Communication

Learn how 2-Way SMS can transform your business communication, the benefits of using 2-Way SMS, and how to streamline internal communications.

Learn how to engage with customers like never before with 2-way texting services from Sakari.

SMS tech offers a myriad of avenues for marketing. From shipping confirmations to expansive advertisement campaigns, it is among the most effective routes for business-to-customer communication. SMS 2-way conversations are one of our platform’s many exciting features, imparting the ability to communicate directly with customers, whether automated or person-to-person. With this guide, you’ll learn how to employ 2-way texting efficiently while understanding the benefits bountiful in the service.

What is 2-Way SMS?

Two-way SMS allows businesses to send and reply to messages. This can be automated or personalized through an A2P platform like ours. It’s an effective way to communicate directly with customers for advertisements, appointment reminders, subscriptions, or feedback.

Why is this important? Maintaining a customer relationship is essential; the best way is through conversation. Conversation creates a genuine human connection that can’t be replicated on digital mediums like websites and advertisements. It’s relatable, snappy, and ensures a positive experience for both the customer and the company.

Enter 2-way SMS. It combines the personality of human connection with the efficiency of direct-to-customer communication. Through our platform, users can not only send messages but also respond to replies. This has numerous advantages. Among the multitude of its capabilities are the following:

  • Abandoned cart reminders: Have a shopper forget to hit “purchase”? Remind them with a friendly SMS.
  • Requests for reviews: Boost your review score by following up with successful experiences.
  • Sell upgrades: Make more sales, book more appointments, and sell more subscriptions with personalized texts.

These are a few of the many methods businesses use Sakari’s SMS 2-way communication to elevate their business. With creativity, 2-way SMS can be used in all sorts of scenarios.

Focus on Leads with Two-Way Texting

To receive texts from a business, the recipient must give their consent. While opt-ins require a strategy of their own, the process guarantees targeted leads that want to communicate. Marketers don’t have to waste time and money on one-way emails or phone calls. Instead, they can develop a vital rapport via personalized SMS.

A handy feature is the ability to automate lead qualifications. Through two-way SMS, a company can implement a system to ensure every lead can be a customer. By requiring by-text confirmations, one can protect their valuable time. Our automated lead qualification guide goes into greater detail with a step-by-step tutorial, but the options are limitless. It’s easy to get creative with SMS.

For example, say a soapmaker sends a shipping confirmation text detailing the delivery date. On that delivery date, another text asks the customer to say “YES” if they had a positive soap experience. When the customer replies with the appropriate keyword, 2-way SMS then asks the customer to leave a positive review on Google (possibly with a coupon incentive).

The Benefits of Two-Way SMS in Business Communication

Fast SMS 2-Way Replies

When communicating with customers, speed is essential. A quick response time ensures that customers are engaged and thinking about a brand. Speed also makes it so leads don’t dwell too long on a purchase, which is vital for turning them into customers.

Unlike emails, SMS is fast and effective. Over 90% of people open a text within 5 minutes, with a 98% total open rate. These metrics mean that every SMS will receive a near-immediate reply, perfect for any conversation requiring a quick response. That’s essential for appointment reminders, review requests, and confirmations.

Upgrades, Updates, and Upsells

Two-way SMS makes it quick and easy to update customers on how they can purchase more. Since opt-ins are voluntary, those who sign up by text will likely be enthusiastic return customers. With a simple follow-up text, a business can ask if they want to buy a premium product, commit to a longer subscription, or join a rewards program. The speed and open rate of SMS ensure they are the perfect medium for upselling.

Reviews and Feedback

Reviews are more meaningful than ever for creating a positive relationship with customers and the community. Whether it’s a Shopify e-commerce store or a restaurant, a high score with plenty of reviews makes any business look reliable and promising. Over 80% of customers read Google reviews before making a decision, while the average review score is around 4.5 stars. That means the more reviews one receives, the more likely they will have a high and reliable score.

Internal Efficiency

In addition to outside campaigns, 2-way SMS is useful for internal communication. Companies can relay texts like meeting information, emergency alerts, and reminders to check emails. While 1-way texts are more than capable of aiding internal communication, 2-way texts add much more versatility. Can’t make a meeting? Let the company know with a quick conversation. Need someone else to talk to a potential customer? Ask politely with a friendly SMS using Sakari.

Discover the Beauty of SMS 2-Way Conversation with Sakari

Only a fraction of businesses have a robust plan to take advantage of mobile marketing, so now it is better than ever to implement 2-way SMS into a marketing strategy. Doing so will boost leads and conversions higher than ever before. At Sakari, we provide easy-to-use SMS 2-way filled with an array of functionality, including automated texting using customizable keywords and diverse integrations. Find out more on our website, book a demo, or start a free trial to see how SMS can revolutionize a business.

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