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The Three S’s: How SMS Automation Solves CPG Communication Challenges 

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry was worth around USD 160.75 billion in 2022. By 2030, it’s predicted to grow to USD 244.92 billion.

The downside of those numbers? CPG is a crowded market. Without a strong communication strategy, it’s nearly impossible to stand out. In order to succeed, your messaging platform must embrace the three S’s: 

  • Savvy: Adapt quickly to audiences' preferences to send the right message at the right time through the right channel.
  • Specificity: Address customers personally with a brand voice that is unmistakably you.
  • Safety: Adhere to proper protocols around health, data protection, and privacy.

SMS marketing, or customized text messages is an invaluable tool for each of these pillars. Text messaging can help solve the above challenges by connecting you straight to your customers. Most people keep their smartphones in arm’s reach at all times. So much so that 90% of texts are read within 3 minutes of receiving them. This connectedness is a huge advantage for businesses. Here’s how SMS marketing can address each of these issues. 

Savvy: Incorporate Text Messaging Into Your Full Marketing Strategy

Despite marketers’ best efforts, brands don’t always tell a consistent story across channels. In fact, many companies don’t meet the expectations of 60% of millennials to be consistent across marketing channels. 

However, SMS marketing as part of your cross-channel marketing strategy is extremely effective. A Verde Group study showed two-thirds of American shoppers use multiple channels to buy products. Using SMS, email, social media, apps, and flyers together creates a unified, cross-channel strategy. It increases the chances that your recipients will buy your product. 

Use text messaging when you want a high view and a high response rate. The average response rate to text messages is 45%. If we compare it to email, a good reply rate would be 10%.

How Sakari Empowers CPG Brands: Automated Campaigns

Use Sakari to create automated text message marketing campaigns. They help you reach new customers and keep old ones. You can create targeted campaigns around seasonal offers, trending topics, and product launches.

Use set triggers to send automatic SMS messages to your clients and leads. For instance, if they have a subscription for shampoo you can remind them that it will renew. Or you can text them when their subscription will be delivered.

sms marketing based on triggers for cpg

Integration Capabilities

Integrate Sakari with your CRM, email marketing tools, and internal platforms. We link with over 1,300 other software platforms. This creates a seamless experience for clients. The information is shared across all your tools. This keeps your brand's communication consistent. 

Your team members have access to all their information. They never have to waste time finding customer support information.

Specificity: Personalize Messages by Purchase History, Geography or Demographics 

Those messages can also be personalized. Segment your lists by purchase history, geography, or demographics. This makes you more relevant to your recipients. This increases engagement, loyalty, and builds a stronger relationship with your audience. 

How Sakari Empowers CPG Brands: Segmentation and Targeting

Sakari helps you segment campaigns based on demographics, geographics, psychographics, and behavior. Sakari also lets you experiment with segmenting. You can do it based on purchase history, interests, and behavior. 

Reach people with the content that interests them the most. This personalization will increase their engagement and loyalty to your brand.

map of NY showing segmented audience getting an sms about cpg product

How Sakari Empowers CPG Brands: Analytics and Insights

With Sakari, you can see how your campaign is performing. Our analytics show you how your campaign can be improved. It gives you easy-to-understand insights to help you refine your marketing strategies.

Take these insights further. Use our AI Assistant to make message variations. They will help you A/B test your campaigns.

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Safety: Use a Tool That Adheres to Protocol

All companies must adhere to proper protocols around health, data protection, and privacy.

For health, you need a quick way to communicate product recalls with customers. Since consumers are most likely to read text messages over other channels, they are most likely to receive your message promptly.

When you handle customer data, keeping it safe is always a concern. You need to collect data in a responsible way and manage it securely. You also need to use it to deliver personalized, targeted content. And, you need to do this while respecting consumer privacy. 

In terms of data protection and consumer privacy, a tool like Sakar can help you follow the laws in the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the USA. For the EU, you also need to follow the laws of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and get consent from consumers. These laws ensure that you collect, store, and use customer data in a responsible, compliant way. Sakari tools are built in accordance with these rules. Use Sakari to help ensure that you are not in violation of key privacy principles.

Top 10 Ways CPG Brands Can Generate Revenue With Sakari’s SMS Marketing Automation Software

Here are some specific use cases for text message automation.

  1. Coupons and Discounts: 
    Entice people to join your SMS list with exclusive discount codes that can be used online or at retail partners. By providing value using digital coupons or discount codes, consumers will want to participate. 

  2. Market Research Surveys: 
    Text messages are a great channel to conduct quick surveys. This can help you to collect consumer insights and preferences. Don’t forget to offer incentives for people who participate.

  3. In-Store Promotion Alerts: 
    Send customers a text when you run special events or in-store promotions. Use geographic segmentation to notify local residents and generate interest.

  4. Sustainability Initiatives: 
    Reach out to your audience to let them know about ESG initiatives. You can tell them about eco-friendly products, or an internal effort. This type of communication illustrates your commitment to sustainability and highlights your values.

  5. Product Recall Notices: 
    If you have to recall a product, send a mass SMS message to consumers. This communication shows your commitment to their safety and your transparency.

  6. Sampling Campaigns: 
    Use text message marketing to promote new product samples. You can encourage customers to try them at specific local locations or request them online. This tactic increases engagement with your campaign.

  7. Consumer Education: 
    Add value to your customer experience by sharing tips linked to your product. For instance, if you sell pasta, you can share recipes. If you can cross-promote other ingredients, even better!

  8. Limited Edition Alerts: 
    If you launch limited edition products or special collaborations, launch the news to your SMS list first. This “first look” message will create a sense of exclusivity. It also frames your text message channel as the place to be.
    sms marketing message for limited edition cpg product
  9. Replenishment Reminders: 
    Remind clients to restock their favorite products. For instance, use data to inform clients to buy more toilet paper when they should be running low. These reminders make it convenient for them to repurchase from you. It’s also impressive that you care about your customers enough to remind them.

  10. Personalized Offers: 
    Segment your SMS list to offer personalized promotions based on past purchase behavior or customer preferences. 

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