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How to Send a Text Message from Email

Find out how to send a text message from email using your PC or computer for free. You can easily send a text to any email address with your laptop.



This tutorial will show you how to send text messages online from email using your PC or computer.

Blog Article with Carrier Links

Here’s the blog post that includes all of the carrier links:


Carrier Lookup Tool

Use this to find the persons cell phone carrier:

Video Transcript

Hi there. This is Adam with Sakari. I wanted to give a quick tutorial on how to send a text message from email using your computer, for free.

I’ve written a blog article on this that I’ll link in the description below. But basically, what you’re able to do is send text messages using the recipients phone number and their carriers email address, and that’s the real kicker here. Using this method, you do need to know who the cell phone carrier is of the person you want to send a text message to.

We’ll include a link in the description below that allows you to look this up based on the phone number. I have a list of here of all different US major carriers and the email structure you need to be able to send a message.

Let’s look at an example. So, I’ll open up Gmail and compose a new email. You want to make sure both your subject as well as the message body are completely blank. In the recipient line I’ll include the phone number with the cell phone carriers email address. In this case Verizon corresponds to “” and I’ll type my message and hit send. In seconds the message will go out and you should see it pop up on the right in my linked phone and it has already come through.

And there is a couple of cool things you can do as well. If you would like to send a text message to multiple recipients, you can include those all on the “To” line. Here I’ll add a second. This is going to an AT&T cell phone, and I’ll type my message. You can also include website links as well which will get passed through in the text message. Click send.

I hope that was helpful, thank you very much.

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