How to Engage Lost Leads with Two-Way Texting

Technology has blown the doors open to more leads than most companies can count.


Technology has blown the doors open to more leads than most companies can count. That same technology has also raised consumer expectations, making it harder to get and keep their attention to close the deal.
A generic approach won’t produce the same results that worked a few years ago. Using an SMS sales funnel, you can create a targeted approach for different groups with tailored messaging that resonates with your customers.
One specific segment that isn’t always served well is the lost lead.How to Engage Lost Leads with Two-Way Texting
A lost lead (aka “cold lead”) is a sales prospect that has taken some action to indicate they want to purchase a product or service but are no longer engaging with the business. These are the people who have “ghosted” you after giving an email address, filling out a form, or maybe even scheduling a demo.
So what’s a sales team to do with people who were once interested but cannot be found? Two-way texting.
Here’s how you can incorporate SMS into your sales funnel to bring those lost leads back into the fold.
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1. Ask for Their Number at the Right Time

The best time to get a lead’s phone number is the first time they provide their contact information, but it’s important to consider the level of interest they’re expressing before you ask.
If they’re giving you an email address in exchange for you sending them your helpful blog post, it’s a little early to ask for their phone number. If they’re looking for something more substantial, like a proprietary white paper or downloadable content specific to your product, you’re probably going to be more successful with your request.
And if they ask for anything that involves a phone call or a Zoom chat, require a phone number so you can automatically qualify that lead before the appointed time.

2. Send a Text Too Good to be Ignored

Every situation will be different. Your particular text needs to align with your messaging while also being eye-catching enough to warrant a response.
Here are three ideas for texts to lost leads that can spur a response:
  • Offer an Incentive How to Engage Lost Leads with Two-Way Texting
Send over the best discount you have and make it time-sensitive. The trick is to find the right balance of urgency. If you have a lower threshold for purchasing (e.g. food delivery or items under $50), limit the offer to an afternoon so they respond on sight.
If your sales cycle is longer, consider offering to hold the discount if they confirm they’re still interested by text.
  • Show Value
Have a great case study? Send your lead a quick stat (ex. “Company A used our service to increase revenue by 300% in one year!) and ask if they’d like to learn how they can replicate that level of success.
  • Ask How You Can Help
See if there’s anything you can do to help your lead get the sale done. You’d be surprised how much leads will appreciate you taking this off their plate, all while you get to stay in control of the brand messaging.

3. Respond Quickly

The whole point of this exercise was to get these leads talking again. Don’t squander the renewed opportunity by leaving them unattended.

One easy way to tackle this problem is with SMS autoresponders. Preplan your text message responses and ensure everyone that takes the time to text your business gets the courtesy of a prompt response.

4. Don't Text Too Often

I have a friend who sends multiple Snapchat videos of every concert he attends to everyone he knows. While I understood the value for him, there wasn’t much for me.
Don’t be that friend.
The excitement of talking directly to your customers combined the immediacy of responses can sweep people away. Just make sure that you’re not abusing your new communication channel.

Lost leads don’t have to be dead leads. Try two-way SMS to re-engage those formerly interested prospects and drive more revenue from your contact list.

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