What to Know About Carrier Text Message Response Types

text message response types

When sending your text messages, they will process through a number of status states until the messages are sent. It’s important to understand carrier text message response types.

Prior to being sent to the carrier (e.g. AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.), each message will process through several states of validation in the Sakari system. 

Sakari validation message report

Once validated, each message will be sent to the carrier to be sent to their customer.  Any responses Sakari receives will be displayed.

Messages Status States

  • New – the message is being processed by Sakari
  • Validated – the message has been validated by Sakari
  • Queued – the message is queued for delivery to the carrier by Sakari
  • Sent – the message has been sent to the contact 
  • Delivered – the message has been delivered to the contact 
  • Error – there was an error received from the carrier for the message (see error messages on campaign error report)
  • Undelivered – the message was not delivered to the contact
  • Received – this is an inbound (reply) response to your message 

What causes a message to error?

When sending messages using bulk texting software, errors can occur in several different locations, any one of which can cause your message to not be delivered.

Common failures include: 

  • Invalid mobile number – your phone number is not complete or the country code is not correct
  • Opted-Out – your contact may have opted-out of receiving text messages from you
  • Identified as SPAM – carriers will block messages they identify as SPAM from being sent on their network

What's the difference between sent and delivered text messages?

A status of “Sent” means the carrier has received your message at its servers, and will deliver it when they have available network capacity. “Delivered” means the carrier has delivered the text message to the recipients mobile phone.

The type of response received is based on the carrier.  Not all carriers will provide a “delivered” response. 

Can I tell if someone has read my text message?

Using a bulk text messaging provider, no, you are not able to confirm if a sent text message has been read. 

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