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Mass texting platform to send and receive thousands of messages online.


Mass Text Messaging Features

Sakari is loaded with features to make creating, sending and managed your mass SMS campaigns easier.

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Bulk Tools

Quickly add, remove and import your data.

group messaging
Group Messaging

Send group messages using tag and attributing targeting.

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Schedule Messages

Set up messages for delivery on a single or recurring schedule.

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Personalize with Templates

Personalize each message using a single template.

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Bulk Upload Tools

Sakari makes it easy to add your existing data to account using our bulk text messaging tools. If you have your list of phone numbers in an Excel file, that’s all you need! You can also add core data fields like first and last name, and the contact’s email address. To organize your data even further, you can also add unlimited custom fields and contact tags as well.
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Scheduled Messages

Schedule your messages to deliver automatically. When used in conjunction with a messaging campaign, your messages can be delivered at a specific date and time or on a recurring basis. With this flexibility, you can schedule all of your important text messages in your calendar at once

group messaging
group messaging


Group Messaging

Send messages to your entire contact list, or specific people. Add unlimited custom fields and contact tags.  Send a group message using filters based on any attribute or contact tags.

  • Attributes Filters – select from any of the core or custom attributes and a matching parameter of “Equals”, “Does Not Equal”, or “Contains” (e.g. “State” equals “California”)
  • Tag Filters – Select from any of the current contact tags as a filter (e.g. “San Francisco” would return all contacts with that flag)


Custom Tags & Attributes​

Tags or attributes are data fields added to each contact record. These fields are completely customizable, and examples may include a State, business role, or customer type. Sakari makes managing these tags easy, with keyword searches and bulk editing. With the tags applied, you can send messages to specific users based on tag filtering.

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personalized messaging


Message Templates

Send personalized messages using a single template.  Include wildcard fields in your templates to automatically insert individualized contact information. 


Bulk Messaging API

Sakari has a robust REST API built to the latest open API 3.0 standards.  Using the API, you can add contacts, send and receive messages and create templates.  We also have Zapier integration.  With Zapier, you can connect Sakari automatically to over 1,300 of the applications you’re already using today.  Popular connections include Salesforce, Hubspot and the full suite of Google products.

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What is mass texting?

Mass text messaging is process of sending text messages to a large number of recipients using bulk messaging software. Mass messages are typically used by businesses to send reminders, alerts and marketing communication. Typically data is inputted to the software using bulk text features, or using an SMS gateway API.  The benefit of the API is the two software systems are directly connected together.

What are the benefits?​

Text messaging has become the way that consumers want to communicate.  Across every metric, texting is preferred over email and calls.

A recent study from Customer Think, highlighted the following statistics:

  • The average consumer checks their smartphone 47 times per day.
  • On average, we spend 87 hours per month on our mobile devices.
  • 90% of consumers prefer to receive texts from businesses, rather than talking in person or on the phone.
  • By 2020, 48.7 million people will opt-in to receiving mass messages from businesses.
  • Text message marketing has a higher response rate than any other form of mobile advertising.
  • 83% of Millennials open a text message within 90 seconds.
  • Text messages have a 209% higher response rate than email marketing, phone calls or Facebook marketing.

Common Questions

Why is Bulk Business Text Messaging Important?

Many of the world’s largest businesses are using text messages today, and for good reason: it works. It’s 2019, and the way customers and employees want to communicate has changed. E-mails are often marked as spam; nobody ever answers a phone call from a number they don’t recognize. As the world has become more mobile, people prefer to use their cell phones. Text messaging has emerged as the primary way people want to communicate.

Across each metric, text messages outperform emails in every way. SMS messages are opened more, opened faster, and responded to more frequently. According to a recent Customer Think study, text messages beat email across every metric. Text messages are opened 98% of the time. Texts have an open rate 5x higher than email, and are opened in less than 3 minutes. Because of this, businesses can use bulk SMS to immediately connect with their customers and employees wherever they are.

How Does Bulk Texting Work?

Sending bulk SMS campaigns requires a subscription to a bulk SMS service provider like Sakari. Sakari is a web-based software program that allows complete management of your messages. Once logged in to the SMS software, you can add and edit your contacts in bulk, create and save your messages as templates, and send your messages.

To send your messages, simply pick your message template, select your desired contacts, and click send. In seconds your contacts will be reading your message, wherever they are.

After your message has been sent, each of your messages is managed as a conversation in the Sakari dashboard. As responses are received, you’ll be notified of replies by desktop notifications, and you can send replies in real-time.

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