Email to SMS

Email to SMS

Have SMS conversations directly from your email inbox.


Send Texts Directly via Email

Reply on the spot! With Sakari, you have various ways you can receive contact replies. If you choose to receive responses via email, you can send a response back directly through your inbox. Anything you send from your email address will carry over as an SMS message to your contact.

sakari email to sms

How to Set Up Email to SMS Conversations


Set up received notifications

You have various ways to get notified. In your Sakari settings, set up email notifications to get them sent directly to your email address.


Contact's message arrives via email

When a contact replies to your original SMS message, you’ll receive a notification message both in Sakari’s dashboard and directly in your email inbox.


Send your reply as an SMS

Once the notification hits your inbox, you can simply reply to that email— the message will send to your contact as an SMS message.

HubSpot inbox

Reply from HubSpot Email

If you are using the Sakari + HubSpot integration, you can reply to a contact’s text message via the HubSpot email option— and have it send directly as an SMS.

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