Legal Service Firm Increases New Case Acquisition by 92% with Sakari Automated SMS Campaigns


As James Crawford Law continues to grow, it was important for the business to track leads accurately and conduct timely follow-ups. It was also critical for the marketing team to have a reliable texting automation system in place that could effectively sync with their HubSpot CRM.

Ashley Stryker, the Media Director at James Crawford Law, shared how the firm utilized Sakari to improve their lead follow-up strategy, save money, and transform their marketing campaigns using SMS.


Legal Services


Sakari + Hubspot


Founded in 1992, James Crawford Law is a full-service litigation firm in Maryland that helps individuals navigate state and federal legal systems.


  • Manual workflow commands
  • No received text notifications
  • Lack of real-time visibility
  • High cost of SMS with previous system


  • Automated drip campaigns
  • Response notifications
  • Increased monthly close rate by 92%
  • Improved business security
  • More affordable pricing

The Challenge

Prior to implementing Sakari and HubSpot, James Crawford Law was using a contact database specifically for legal service firms. The CRM had a built-in texting application that lacked user-friendliness, along with the capability to deliver SMS automation. For every new text message that the business wanted to send, the marketing team had to manually create a new workflow command, defying the purpose of automation.

Another daunting challenge the firm faced was the inability to receive text notifications unless they were directly signed into the application. Essentially, if a lead responded to a sent text message from the business, the marketing and sales teams would not get any timely notifications via email or phone – only if they logged into the desktop app.

“Without real-time communication within this application, hours or days could go by without the team getting notified to follow up with a prospective client’s text message,” said Stryker. “We simply couldn’t afford for leads to fall through the cracks – especially given the pandemic’s impact on our cash flow – so management knew it was time to look for a new texting solution.”

The Solution

James Crawford Law discovered Sakari through the HubSpot partner page. After seamlessly setting up the integration within just a few minutes, the business was up and running with Sakari.

Currently, the integration with HubSpot is mostly used for automating drip campaigns for potential new clients. Additionally, Sakari helps the firm’s billing department send billing requests and reminders to contacts without using any employee’s personal cell phone numbers, helping increase overall business security, and internal adoption.

"Sakari's integration with HubSpot means that I can have automated texting campaigns that run on specific triggers, notify my team of responses, and keep all those conversations connected. In fact, most of our new business consultations are now scheduled through the Sakari app-driven SMS drip campaigns or through the chatbot on our website.”


Ashley Strkyer

Media Director, James Crawford Law

The Benefits

Using the Sakari integration, James Crawford Law now has the ability to send two-way text messages directly inside of HubSpot and get notified via email, Sakari mobile app, text, or Slack as soon as a contact texts back– which means no communication gaps and faster follow-up times.

Most importantly, the marketing team can finally let go of manual workarounds and have the flexibility to create custom, automatic SMS drip campaigns based on specific triggers or actions – while still allowing for custom personalization on a case-by-case basis.

After applying automated SMS campaigns with Sakari – along with implementing a new sales process, starting a new marketing campaign, and rebuilding the website– James Crawford Law increased their monthly close rates by 92% over the previous year.

“I’ve used Sakari for everything– from sending clients their quote links and scheduling meetings, to helping prospects find our office for in-person consultations,” Stryker said.

The business is also seeing expense-saving benefits. The previous system did not scale with the firm’s growth and had no bulk purchase opportunities for mass text messaging, yet the system charged hundreds of dollars a month for both sent and received messages.

With Sakari’s affordable pricing plans, James Crawford Law can send more messages effectively.

“Sakari basically halves our previous database [SMS messaging] bills, plus it has so many other benefits. Sakari is worth every penny we spend to send texts—literally!”