Pipedrive Text Messaging Integration

Send and receive text messages directly from your Pipedrive account.

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Pipedrive SMS Integration

Have two-way SMS conversations directly in Pipedrive.

pipedrive sms integration

Two-Way Messaging

Send and receive text messages and track everything in Pipedrive.

International SMS Support

Send and receive messages with over 200 countries globally.

Easy Setup

Link your Pipedrive account directly with Sakari in minutes.

Take part in Beta.

Help improve the new Pipedrive SMS integration before it becomes publicly available. Leave your email below to get on the invite list.
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Two-Way Contact Messaging

The Sakari Pipedrive integration adds a new “SMS” module to each contact record.  Click the “Send SMS” button and a message window will appear.
  • SMS Templates
  • Image text messaging (US and CA only)
  • Multiple phone numbers
  • User tracking


Timeline Tracking

Your SMS conversations are automatically logged in the lead’s timeline on Pipedrive – giving you a complete picture of the lead’s journey so that you can continue your conversation right where you left off.
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Mobile Messaging

Manage your teams messaging on the go with the Sakari mobile app.  View sent messages, respond to inbound text messages and track your teams messaging history over time.

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