Text Messaging Integration

Looking for a new way to communicate with leads and customers? Send SMS messages to your contacts from wherever you are via the Intercom interface. 

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Intercom SMS Integration

Simple two-way SMS conversations directly from your Intercom inbox.

intercom text messaging

Two-Way Conversations

Send and receive text messages with your contacts directly from Intercom.

Custom Views

Create individual SMS conversation views for your team members.

Automated SMS Tags

With automatic SMS tagging, easily distinguish your texting conversations.

Easy Setup

Link your Intercom account directly with Sakari in less than a minute.

Empower your teams

Why Intercom + Sakari?

We have your Intercom text messaging needs covered.

Send and receive sms

Send Outbound Messages

With Sakari’s SMS widget directly inside of Intercom, you can manage all inbound and outbound messaging right in your inbox.

Intercom Features

Robust tools to help you succeed with your Intercom messaging


When an SMS conversation starts, tags are automatically created in the chat window. Use tags to distinguish all text messaging conversations in Intercom.


Manage new inbound messages! If someone texts your business first, a new conversation window will pop up just reply straight from Sakari’s easy-to-use widget.

intercom outbound sms


Have multiple sales people?Differentiate SMS conversations between your team members by creating a unique view that will show you only your own messages.

intercom conversation views

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes.  You can have real-time two-way text messaging conversations directly in Intercom with this integration.

We have messaging support for over 200 countries, including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and France.  To view our complete list of cities, view our pricing page.

Our free trial plan offers $5 USD of messaging credits for you to try out all the tools and features. No credit card is required to get started.

To get started, sign up here.

After you integrate your Intercom and Sakari account, you can configure the integration with these setup option. 

Sakari’s pricing is based on your subscription plan, your message length and the country you’re sending the message to.  View our pricing options here:

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