Intercom Text Messaging Integration

Receive a text message notification from any new Intercom chat.

This integration requires both Sakari and Intercom.

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Real-Time SMS Notifications from Intercom Conversations

Get started in minutes.  Receive a text messages automatically when a new Intercom Messenger chat is started.

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Easy Setup

Link your Intercom account directly with Sakari in less than 5 minutes.

International Support

Text messaging support to over 100 countries internationally.


Receive a text message to any number within seconds when a new Intercom chat started.

Simple Configuration

Setup phone numbers, what messages and frequency in a simple dashboard.

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Easy Setup

Setup the Intercom text messaging integration in about 60 seconds, and no coding is required.

Ready to get started now? Check out our Intercom easy setup guide to get started.



Using this integration, any time a new Intercom chat is started, you’ll receive a text message to a phone numbers of your choice.
Easily setup which phone numbers will be notified when a new Intercom message is started. How frequently you’ll receive future notifications, and if you’ll be notified of additional message replies.
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