Using SMS Marketing in E-Commerce


Text message marketing brings huge benefits to e-commerce businesses. It is a direct, fast, and effective way to reach potential customers. It also increases brand loyalty and improves the shopping experience.



There are 6 main uses for SMS marketing that can bring huge benefits to your business:


Abandoned Cart

Shoppers often add items to their cart and decide to not buy them straight away. This can be frustrating for businesses, but it can help you to better understand your buyers. 

Text messages are a great channel to do that. You can send reminders about abandoned carts. Recipients receive texts quickly, read them fast and they provide a great incentive to go back and finalize purchases.


When you begin a sale or discount in your online store, sending a text is a great way to get people engaged and increase purchases. You could send an email letting people know you will do a sale, and then increase anticipation with a text, and send reminders during the sale so that they don’t miss out.

Back In Stock

If a popular item has been out of stock for a while, send everyone who has it in their cart, or saved in their wish list a text. It shows that you care baout them, are interested in their experience and it increases the chances of them buying the item. 


Send your customers a personalized, automated text message on their birthday, possibly with a discount code. This again shows that you value them, and increases their loyalty to you.


Use text messages to update your recipient on the status of their order. You can let them know when their payment has been approved, when you’re preparing their order, and when it’s on its way. This increases anticipation and decreases frustration around mailing times. It also shows that you are customer-centric, and care about them.


Use SMS messages to ask for your client's feedback after a purchase. This could either be a survey form, or even better, a review on your website. It helps you understand how well you're performing and encourages other people to make purchases if there are positive reviews.


Using text messages in your marketing strategy, you include a channel that can be highly personalized. You can segment your SMS messages based on behavioral data, demographics, and psychographics. This provides your leads with a better, more targeted experience.

This in turn improves their engagement. Response rates for text messages are 45%. This is why 80% of marketers say that SMS performs better than other communication channels.

Your potential customers will feel that you’re talking specifically to them, bringing them recommendations of things that they like and would like to own, and they’re more likely to engage with your text messages. They will probably click on links that you send them, and since the items are relevant the likelihood that they will convert and make a purchase is much higher.

Finally, it’s an efficient channel for you, the marketer! With SMS marketing, you can set up all your texts within workflows and include triggers. That way they’re sent automatically at exactly the right moment. You don’t have to continually set up new campaigns, you just need to check the results and make adjustments when needed.

“It's pretty amazing how easy it is to interact with hundreds (or probably hundreds of thousands, if we had that many) of users in the app as you text back and forth with your customers”

Steve M

Director of Digital Engagement

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