How Rise Physical Therapy Uses SMS to Drive More Business Reviews

Rise Physical Therapy is an outpatient physical therapy clinic with two locations in Fayetteville, AR. The healthcare organization works with all ages and specializes in improving patient movement and performance, along with finding long-term healing solutions related to pain or injuries.

Erin Lee, Office Manager at Rise Physical Therapy, shares how the company has utilized Sakari and HubSpot to boost their Google reviews, automate patient follow-ups, and simplify overall business and operational processes.




Sakari + Hubspot


With two locations in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Rise Physical Therapy is focuses on helping patients find healing from frustrating pain or injuries.


  • No unified source of data
  • Lag times with prior system
  • Lack of real-time visibility
  • Inefficient follow-up process with patients


  • One true source of data and client management
  • Workflows with automated follow-up texts
  • Increased business productivity

The Challenge

Prior to using Sakari, Rise Physical Therapy was using another texting platform that could not integrate with HubSpot, the company’s main CRM. With lack of integration capabilities, there was no unified data source regarding patient information and outreach. The team had to toggle between two systems in order to manage client communication, increasing the chances of messages being overlooked.

One major driving factor for needing a new solution was the need to easily (and quickly) follow-up with patients to leave a review on Google. Rise Physical Therapy had been using email and phone call outreach, but wanted something more efficient.

Additionally, the previous texting platform constantly warranted help from customer support teams due to its system lag times — creating an unreliable framework and slowing down business functionalities when it came to patient engagement.


The Solution

The management team at Rise Physical Therapy knew it was time to start exploring for a reliable solution that could not only seamlessly integrate with HubSpot, but could automate certain follow-up procedures. After researching a variety of options, the company selected Sakari’s platform and was able to set up the HubSpot integration on their own within just a few minutes.

“Sakari provides an exceptional product at an affordable price. With Sakari, you get more than the product- you get wonderful, personalized customer service. I have learned more about HubSpot workflows because of Adam [Co-Founder at Sakari] than I have from anywhere else!”

Erin Lee

Office Manager, Rise Physical Therapy

The Benefits

After integrating Sakari with HubSpot, the management team has been able to spend less time on manual follow-up tasks and focus on other business areas.

“We’re now able to text directly via HubSpot, which has been wonderful as it reduces the number of open windows we have and the time to toggle between things, helping with overall business productivity,” said Lee.


With Sakari, Rise Physical Therapy has successfully set up workflows that automatically send a text message to patients after their appointment, requesting a Google review. Through automated SMS, the business has seen an increase in Google reviews and feedback, which has made a positive impact for the healthcare practice.

“Using workflows with Sakari and HubSpot, we have been able to get SO many more Google reviews, which really helps our business.”

Likewise, Rise Physical Therapy can now text patients directly through the HubSpot platform to reschedule appointments, remind them of the specific location address, and answer any questions. The entire team now has real-time visibility into patient communication and all contact data is consolidated into one reliable CRM source.

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