How to Build a Business Case & Get Stakeholder Buy-In for SMS Marketing Software

Discover how SMS marketing boosts your bottom line. We’ll cover everything from setting SMART objectives to conducting a thorough ROI analysis.


In a world where smartphones hardly ever leave our hands, text messaging (also known as SMS, or “Short Messaging Service”) stands out as a direct line to customer engagement.

While our inboxes overflow and social notifications don’t stop, SMS cuts through the digital noise. But it’s just about getting messages through– it’s about making each message count.

SMS marketing software helps you transform basic texts into powerful engagement tools. By personalizing content and timing each message perfectly, businesses can foster stronger connections and drive meaningful actions. Let’s uncover why SMS has become a critical tool for businesses aiming to not just reach out but resonate.

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The Need for SMS Marketing Software

Why is SMS so effective? First, over 5 billion people globally have mobile phones, making SMS one of the most wide-reaching communication channels available. Second, 90% of SMS are opened and read within 3 minutes of it being received. This high engagement rate is a clear indicator of consumer preference for direct, concise communication, particularly from businesses.

Despite its simplicity, effective SMS marketing requires the right tools to make it an accurate channel of communication.

SMS marketing software goes beyond basic text messaging, offering capabilities for segmentation, personalization, and automation. These features enable businesses to tailor messages that speak directly to an individual’s preferences and behaviors, improving their experience with your brand.

SMS marketing software ensures your messages reach your audience and sets the stage for deeper engagement and loyalty.

5 Key Benefits of Implementing SMS Marketing Software

  1. Immediate and Direct Communication. Text messages reach recipients almost instantly, creating an immediate connection. This immediacy is invaluable, whether for announcing a flash sale, sending critical updates, or simply staying in touch. Unlike other channels that may get lost in the noise, SMS offers an effective path to your audience.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness. When it comes to marketing budgets, text message marketing stands out for its affordability and its strong return on investment. Its high open and conversion rates make it an economically viable option. Businesses can send compelling messages without significant expense, making text marketing an attractive strategy for both small startups and larger enterprises.
  3. High Engagement Rates. The engagement rates of SMS are unmatched, Your text messages are not only delivered but also acted upon, making it a terrific tool for conversions.
  4. Personalization and Segmentation. One of the most powerful features of SMS marketing software is its ability to personalize messages. By leveraging audience data and segmenting them well, businesses can create messages that resonate personally with every recipient.
  5. Easy Integration and Automation. Modern SMS marketing platforms offer seamless integration with existing business systems, making them easy to set up. You can use their automation capabilities to schedule messages, ensuring timely communication without you needing to check your campaigns constantly. This integration and automation saves time and money, allowing businesses to focus on strategy and growth.

Implementing text message marketing software provides businesses with a dynamic channel for communication. SMS marketing offers a direct line that not only reaches but engages and converts customers.

How to Build a Business Case to Get Stakeholders Approval

Building a business case for SMS marketing software requires two things: 1) showcasing its strategic value and 2) clarifying its return on investment (ROI). Here’s a roadmap to doing both:

  • Define Clear, Measurable Objectives. Start by setting specific, measurable goals for your SMS marketing initiatives. Whether it’s increasing sales by a certain percentage or boosting engagement metrics, these goals should be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound). Show your stakeholders how SMS marketing aligns with broader business objectives, this will increase their confidence in your strategy.
  • Gather and Analyze Supporting Data. Bring industry benchmarks to the table to set realistic expectations for the performance impact of SMS marketing. Conducting a competitive analysis reveals gaps or opportunities in the market that SMS marketing can address. Analyze the data you have on your leads and customers to craft a strategy that will resonate with your target audience and instill confidence in your decision-makers.
  • Forecast ROI. Outline the benefits, such as increased sales from targeted promotions and improved brand loyalty leading to higher lifetime value. Present a breakdown of expected costs versus these anticipated returns, using data to underscore SMS marketing’s cost-effectiveness and revenue impact.
  • Anticipate Potential Objections. For example, if you know that budget constraints are an issue, highlight the cost-efficiency of SMS marketing and its high ROI compared to other channels. For teams concerned about integration, demonstrate how modern SMS platforms offer seamless integration with minimal disruption. Also, ensure stakeholders understand the legal compliance features of the chosen platform, addressing any regulatory concerns up-front.
  • Highlighting Competitive Advantages. Emphasize how SMS marketing can make your business stand out, providing examples of how instant, personalized communication can enhance engagement and make you more customer-centric. Show how innovations like SMS marketing campaigns will position the company as a leader.

A well-crafted business case addresses the strategic, financial, and operational aspects of implementing SMS marketing software. It not only showcases the direct benefits but also demonstrates how your strategy aligns with the company’s long-term goals. If you come prepared with clear objectives, backed up with data, strong ROI projections, and bring responses to possible objections, stakeholders will recognize SMS marketing software as a valuable investment for the company’s future.

Making the Case to Stakeholders: Your Presentation

Once you have your business case clear, you can craft a compelling presentation.

Your presentation is not just about presenting facts but telling a story that resonates. Begin with the broader business objectives, illustrating how a robust SMS strategy aligns with your company’s overall goals, fostering growth and brand loyalty.

Use data to your advantage, highlighting things like text messages’ unbeatable open and engagement rates. This tangible evidence underscores the effectiveness of SMS marketing. Finally, illustrate how text marketing can differentiate you in the minds of consumers and separate you from your competitors.

How to Choose the Right SMS Marketing Software

Selecting the right SMS marketing software is critical for achieving your strategic communication goals. Prioritize platforms that:

  • have a user-friendly design
  • offer robust integration capabilities (with CRMs and data analytics platforms, for example)
  • support personalized messaging
  • offer comprehensive analytics and reporting for optimizing campaign performance and demonstrating ROI
  • are compliant with global communication regulations

A solution like Sakari not only ticks all these boxes but also stands out for its commitment to security and customer support, ensuring your SMS marketing endeavors are both successful and sustainable.

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