Goodwill NCW Serves Customers and Communities with SMS Engagement

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Goodwill Industries of North Central Wisconsin (NCW) has passionate customers who love hunting for one-of-a-kind finds while supporting job-skills training and opportunities and keeping items out of the landfill.
In the face of a rapidly evolving online landscape, Goodwill NCW continuously explores creative solutions to connect with their customers in meaningful ways and reach them with the information they want. This pursuit is what inspired Goodwill NCW to launch a mobile program to keep their biggest fans updated when the 50% off color tag of the week changes and to learn about other exclusive deals.
Color tag sale text message for Goodwill (400 × 350 px)
They were looking for an SMS provider to power their new mobile program and found Sakari’s versatility and ability to integrate with HubSpot’s workflows and sequences to be a good fit for their needs. The impact of working with Sakari has been positive for Goodwill NCW by helping the nonprofit connect with its customers in a new way.
Sakari is pleased to be able to offer nonprofits like Goodwill NCW a 10% discount helping to keep the focus on mission work.
Across all industries, every organization wants to serve and grow its core customers. Sakari’s SMS platform can help you do so with text messaging.
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