Text Message Reminders for Business

Use Sakari to send personalized text message appointment and event reminders to thousands of contacts in seconds.
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SMS Reminders from Sakari.

Sakari makes sending text message reminders easy with bulk tools and complete integration into your workflow. 

Easy to Get Started

Upload your contacts in bulk and start sending your first SMS reminders in less than 5 minutes.  

Fully Customizable

Personalize each reminder with contact wildcard fields including name, date, time and more!

Include Rich Reminder Page Links

Include a rich text messaging link to a fully customized reminder webpage in your message.  This is perfect for adding more details in your SMS reminder message.

Full Integration

Integrate quickly and easily with our SMS API.  With our SMS API Quickstart you’ll be sending your first message in minutes.

Message Reminders for Most Any Application

text message appointment reminder

Appointment Reminders

Text message appointment reminders are a quick, easy and inexpensive way to remind your customers about their upcoming appointment. 
text message event reminder

Event Reminders

Send bulk event reminders to thousands of contacts at once.  You can also include a linked rich text message page which will automatically include event details. 
text message personal reminder

Personal Reminders

Send reminders for personal use too! Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, school or social event. 

Affordable Monthly Plans

*Pricing based on standard message rates to the United States and Canada


Our SMS reminder platform is packed with features built to make your life easier.

contact management

Simple Contact Management

Being able to quickly and easily manage your contacts is an essential part of any bulk text messaging reminders platform. So we made it simple. View, create and edit your contacts and subscribers in one location.
Using the Sakari web dashboard to add, edit and delete contacts, or use our bulk import and export tools to add and edit thousands of contacts at once. Add names, email addresses, phone numbers. Grouping your contacts is easy with custom tags and unlimited custom fields.
contact list
personalized reminder
personalized messages

Personalized Message Templates

Create a reminder message template using wildcard data fields that will automatically insert your contacts name, reminder date and time in to each message – creating a personalized message and saving you time.
Save message templates in campaigns and your messages can be automatically scheduled for future delivery.