Business Text Messaging Service

Use the Sakari business texting service to send bulk SMS to thousands of customers and employees in seconds.
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Send and Receive Text Messages

Use our toll-free SMS numbers to send and receive inbound SMS from your contacts.

Web Dashboard

Manage your entire business texting campaign from the cloud-based Sakari dashboard.

Mobile App for iOS and Android

Using the Sakari web messaging dashboard and paired iOS and Android text messaging app you can manage your messaging campaigns from anywhere.

SMS Gateway API

Automate delivery. Use our RESTful SMS API to integrate with your existing systems.
business text messaging

Business Texting is Better for your Customers

According a recent One Reach study, customers prefer business texting over email.

Text messages are sent every minute globally.


Text messages are opened 5x more than email.


of smartphone users use text messaging.


of text messages are read within 3 minutes.

Features Built for Business Text Messaging

Connect with customers and employees with the business SMS service from Sakari. 

rich text messaging

Rich Text Messaging

Create personalized webpages with rich text messaging links in your text. Each page is personalized to the contact and can include text, images, and call to actions.
scheduled text messaging

Scheduled Messages

Create scheduled text messaging campaigns to be delivered on a reoccurring basis or a single future date and time.
messaging campaigns

Messaging Campaigns

Automate your messaging with SMS campaigns.  Create contact filtering rules, save your message template and schedule your messages to be sent on a reoccurring basis.
opt-in support

Opt-In/Out Support

Full support of subscriber opt-in and opt-out features. Your contacts can send “STOP” to unsubscribe from your messages at any time.
business sub accounts

Business Sub-Accounts

Create multiple business sub-accounts to easily organize your team and contacts.
user sub accounts

User Sub-Accounts

Create sub-accounts to give individual team members access to the web dashboard and mobile app.
zapier logo

Zapier Integration

Connect your Sakari to thousands of other services without any coding required.


All Sakari sites and services are secured with the latest in SSL / HTTPS encryption. Your contacts, messages, and accounts are fully backed up continuously.

Global SMS Support

Connect with your contacts in globally. With access to thousands of carrier networks and support of over 150+ countries.
two chat bubbles

Two-Way SMS Chat

Start a conversation by responding to inbound messages creating a real-time two-way chat using our SMS chat.
contact management

Contact Management

Create, update and delete contacts in bulk. Group contacts with tags and add unlimited custom attributes.
contact tagging

Contact Grouping

Add customized tags to contacts to create groups and create messaging campaigns using group filters.
long text message

Long Text Messages

Support of messages longer than 160 characters.  Long text messages are automatically combined into a single message.
file import

File Imports

Add thousands of rows of data in seconds.  Upload your contacts and messages in seconds from a CSV file. 

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Applications of Business Texting

Businesses are using SMS messaging across all areas to connect with customers, notify employees and sell more products.
Hi Mary, your appointment with Dr. Morris is scheduled for tomorrow at 10:15am.
Hi Chris, a new job has been assigned to you. Please confirm the job here: sakr.io/e239t3
Thanks for being a loyal customer of Papa Joe’s Pizza. Use the code “SAVE20” to get 20% off your next pizza! 🍕

Appointment Reminders

Use business texting for personalized SMS appointment reminders to your customers that automatically include dates, times and their name. 

Job Notifications

Send bulk job schedule and notifications messages to thousands of employees in seconds.  Include rich text messaging links to add images, maps and more!

SMS Marketing

Use business text messaging to market your business to thousands of customers in seconds. 

Common Questions about Business Texting

Answers to some of the most frequent questions regarding our bulk messaging software.

Do you have an API?

Yes! We have a fully-documented RESTful SMS API. You can learn more here: SMS API.

Do you have business text messaging plans?

Yes! We have a variety of messaging plans, starting at just $19 per month. You can find pricing here: https://sakari.io/pricing/ Please contact us for enterprise pricing plans.

Do you use a short-code or long-code phone number?

All of our business texting plans use a toll free long code phone number. The advantage of a long code over a short code is that you can have individual conversations with your customers and employees.

Support of 150+ Countries and All Major US & Canadian Carriers

We’ve partnered with all the major US and Canadian mobile carriers to ensure your text messages are delivered reliably and quickly.

partner mobile carriers