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Sakari provides software built for business text messaging.

Founded in 2016 by Chris Thomson and Adam Horsman.  They were looking for a text messaging service to send bulk messages easily to thousands of employees.  Unable to find a solution that was affordable, easy to use and reliable, Sakari was born.

Today Sakari has over 5,000 customers, across multiple countries, and sends millions of messages per month.


Founded in 2016 by Chris Thomson and Adam Horsman.


Over 200,000,000 messages have been sent and received.


Over 40,000 people use Sakari to send text messages.

About Us

Meet the Team

Chris Thomson


Adam Horsman


Randi Garza

Senior Mgr. Customer Experience

Filipe Estácio

Software Engineer

Sara Morias

Sara Morais

frontend engineer

Peter Sercia

Sales Director

Tyler Pearson

Sr. Account Executive

Michael Banzon

Software Engineer

Schuyler Vandersluis

Product Manager

Anthony Chan

Junior Software Engineer

Michael Bentson

Application Support Analyst

Tom Lane

Application Support Analyst

Leah Kim

Junior Front End Engineer

Kevin Muhlbach

Application Support Engineer

Flynn Pyc

Junior Front End Engineer

Erin Wilson

Sr. Account Executive

avatar, icon, placeholder-1577909.jpg

Zico Andreoni

Product Designer

Daniel Spurlock

Account Executive

Allyson Harris

Senior Marketing Manager

Jose Villaneda

Application Support Analyst

Adrienne Nixon

Application Support Analyst

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