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SMS API for Business

Quickly text thousands of contacts in seconds.

The Sakari REST API makes it easy to quickly send personalized SMS to thousands of contacts in seconds. 

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curl -X POST https://api.sakari.io/v1/accounts/%ACCOUNT_ID%/messages -H "Content-Type: application/json" -H "Accept: application/json" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer %ACCESS_TOKEN%" 
   "contacts": [{
   "mobile": {
     "number": "%MOBILE_NUMBER%"
"template": "Congratulations! You just sent your first message!"

SMS API Getting Started

Integrate quickly and easily with our bulk messaging REST API. Built to the latest OpenAPI 3.0 standards. 

Getting started with the Sakari SMS API is easy.  Using our SMS API quick start guide, you’ll be sending your first text message in just five minutes. 

With one call to our API, you can send customized messages to thousands of contacts. Endpoints exist to manage contacts, templates, campaigns and more.  Use the API to integrate your own backend systems with ease. With our webhooks you will receive real-time notifications when messages have been sent or you receive a response.

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SMS API Common Questions

What will I need to get started?

We recommend you checkout our API quick start guide, but the basics are: 

  • A Sakari account. You can sign up for free here: https://sakari.io/signup
  • A tool to make API calls such as curl or Postman
  • A mobile device that’s capable of receiving SMS messages
How quickly can I send messages?
With the Sakari SMS API we’ve made it simple to get started. With a single API call you can send messages to an unlimited number of contacts.
Can I send Rich Text Messages with the API?
Yes! The API has been configured to send the personalized Rich Text Messages.
What type of API do you have?
The Sakari SMS API is a RESTful API using JSON for requests and responses and protected by OAuth V2. OAuth V2 is a industry standard for authenticating when using API’s. Sakari provides you with a client id and secret which can be exchanged for a JWT which can then be used to call our API’s.