Account Management

Manage Your Account Settings and Plans

All of your accounts settings can be managed under Settings > Plan. There are five main editable values
  • Default Country  Select from one of more than 150 countries.  When no country code is specified for a contact, the default country code will be utilized.
  • Message Frequency – this is included in the first message sent to each contact and is required by law. This will indicate the expected number of messages to be received by your account of the defined period.  This field is editable with an numeric value, and a frequency of either Days, Weeks or Months (e.g. 3 messages per Month) 
  • Messaging Plan – you can edit your message subscription plan
  • Maximum Parallel Conversations – this is the number of active parallel conversations you can have with a contact at any given time. 
  • API Credentials – you can view and change your API credentials 
To learn more about user management, please visit our multiple account users page.