Importing Contacts & Data

Bulk importing phone numbers and data

Sakari makes it easy to add your existing data to your bulk texting campaigns. If you have your list of phone numbers in an Excel file, that’s all you need! You can also add core data fields like first and last name, and the contacts email address. To organize your data even further, you can also add unlimited Custom Fields and Tags as well.

You can easily upload and edit your contacts using the CSV upload tool.

  1. Select “Contacts” from the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the “Upload” icon in the upper left. This will open the file upload modal.
  3. Select your file to upload by clicking the “CSV” icon or dragging your file on top the CSV icon.
  4. Map your data fields. Mobile and country code are required fields for each upload, the rest of the data fields are optional (see the “Different types of data fields” section below for more information).

The system will try to identify common spellings of expected fields, if you need to change the mapping, select the pulldown in the column field to change the mapped data field. Any data fields not needed in the file upload can be ignored by clicking the trash can icon to the right of each row.

Click “Upload” and you’re done!